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My Word for the Year:

I have been pondering that word “Release” for some time now. Lately, I had been reading my passage out of the Passion translation, so I didn’t actually see that the word “release” was in there.  When I did, it kind of smacked me in the face.  Likely, I read it last year, but that was… Continue reading My Word for the Year:

chicken keeping

Turkey For Sale; Cheap.

Male birds are not really very nice. Kind of that naughty child who needs a good spanking. (Yes, I am a Mom of 9 who does indeed believe that a good spanking is needed sometimes. ) At least, most of the ones I have had have not been very nice. I have had 8 roosters… Continue reading Turkey For Sale; Cheap.


Meila the Farm Dog

Who would really prefer being a house dog. Despite the fact that she has a thick coat of white hair and will be about 100lbs full grown and is currently more brown than white thanks to 3 days of more rain. She is the sweetest... I go out there and every time she has missed… Continue reading Meila the Farm Dog