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what am i passionate about??

So I was having a hard time writing something about Thanksgiving..  It was to be my first real post on this blog so there was some pressure about doing it well and it just wasn’t flowing…

I’m starting over.

This is my new topic because obviously that last one just wasn’t working!

What am I passionate about is what I was thinking as I was doing a load of laundry after I left the computer.  No, its definitely NOT laundry.

Its family.  Specifically, MY family.  Which is how it should be.  Family is your second priority. First is God.  Family is second.  Everything else comes after.

That makes Thanksgiving a special holiday in my mind.  Thanksgiving is about family and cooking and eating together.  I love the part about cooking and eating together.  We love to eat together.  Its my thing.

Eating together is so important.  Its where life gets discussed. Its where we learn about each other.  Its where I learned how to diagnose car problems, how to blow stuff up, what a coil over is, (still not quite sure, but I think I get the concept– something to do with the wheels, handling and such..).  We talk about God, what God is doing in our lives and how God answered or hasn’t answered yet our prayers.  We talk more about car stuff, vw’s, more explosions, how to fix this particular car issue.. Then school, friends, what’s going on in our lives- especially how they connect with cars, engines, wheels, and blowing stuff up..

Guess who has more boys than girls??  Guess who is totally outnumbered?  Guess who contributes just as much to the conversations about cars and blowing stuff up??  Yea….  I know.  Weird.. But its me!!!

Then on occasion the girls are there with us for dinner and we talk horses, dogs, shopping.  You know girly stuff..  Which very quickly ties back into cars, explosions, diagnosing car problems, turbos… You get the picture..

We eat dinner together all the time.. Its my connection to this family and I love it!!

I can’t wait to hear the conversation at the Thanksgiving table.  Yes, we will figure out how to ALL eat together at one or 2 tables.  (That is entertaining when someone says, “Hey Could you pass the buns?”!!!!!)

Just don’t “pass the milk”!!!

Barney the adorable horse!
Barney the adorable horse!

Love and blessings on your day!!



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