The Bible


I finally got around to reading a chapter in the Bible that a friend pointed out to me.   Funny how you read something over and over and  it really doesn’t “click” until suddenly you read it and its like it has been waiting for you all this time!!  Its like this passage is alive and saying, “AAAHHHH… Finally she got what I have been wanting to say to her!!”

So I read this passage from Numbers 13 and 14 about the spies viewing out the land.  The gist of the passage is this:  12 leaders from their tribes were chosen– (note, they were considered leaders from their tribes!!!) to go into the Promised land and check it out.  They spend 40 days there, see the abundance of beautiful food, see the HUGE people, come back to the people and say, “We are like grasshoppers compared to them.. We can’t do it..”  That is, 10 of them say that.. 2 of them say “Wait a minute God is with us. We can do this!!  Its beautiful land!!  OH THE FOOD!!!  The Glorious food!!!”

Ok, maybe they didn’t word it quite like that but think about it. They have been eating Manna morning, noon and night for years now.  That food must have looked amazing!

So these 10 looked at the natural people and felt so small. ” Like grasshoppers before them” the passage said.  I thought, wait a minute. Haven’t these people been led for years already by a pillar of cloud by day and fire by night?  Haven’t they seen miracle after miracle??  Later in this passage it says that they had seen 10 miracles in their travels with the Lord already.  Keep in mind these weren’t just what I would call easy miracles.  These were major miracles!

Yet.  They forgot so quickly.  They believed their eyes rather than God..

They believed that facts rather than the TRUTH.

The facts were that the land was amazing.  The food was beautiful.  The people there were large, strong and powerful and weren’t gonna just let them have the land.  It was gonna be a tough fight.  They were gonna have to work hard, fight hard to take the land.  It would not be easy.


God said “I am on your side you can do it.”

The people said “we are afraid.”

God said “Go.”

Moses and Aaron said, “Go”

Joshua and Caleb said, “Go”

The 10 spies said, “No.”

The people believed the 10.  The people refused to believe the ones who had led them so courageously up to this point.  The people refused to believe God.

This boggles my mind.  And yet.. How many times have I done that same thing?  I have seen God do amazing things in my life.  Sometimes I let fear rule and I forget what He has done.  Sometimes the facts rule out the Truth.  And I fall into fear and I miss the Promise.  I have to wait a bit longer to walk into the promise.

But I found out a little trick.


Remember the times when God provided what I needed at just the right moment?

Remember the times He used my hands to heal the people I prayed for?

Remember the times He answered my prayers?  Not the way I dictated to Him but the way that was the best for the situation?

Remember.  It builds up your faith.  It increases faith in you til you remember God is FOR YOU!  God is ON YOUR SIDE!  Joshua and Caleb remembered.  They stood firm.  Guess what?  They received the Promise.  10 died in the wilderness.  These 2 received the promise.

God is on your side.  Though you may feel like a grasshopper God is indeed with you.  He is for you not against you.  He is with you.  Remember the promise.  Remember the miracles he has done thus far.  Build yourself up in your faith.

And then GO FOR IT!


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