A day in the life…

Horse daughter fell and severely bruised her tailbone..  That means, by default, I get to help with feeding horses.  A chore I really don’t mind, when it is not 10 degrees or less and the water faucet outside is frozen.  It gets me outside I guess and I get some exercise of the kind I prefer. Watching a video of people who do not sweat as they are working out does not appeal to me!!

So I dragged the hose outside and out to the animals that need water.  Of course, the outside faucet is frozen so I have to use the one for the hot tub which leaks horribly.  By the time I am done with that there is water all over the floor and then I have to drag the hose back inside so it doesn’t freeze adding more water to what is already on the floor.

By the time I have the hose rolled up and the mat hung outside so it can freeze dry, and the towels hung so they can drain into the drain, an hour and a half has passed and I am sweating profusely.  Good workout today.

In other news, Dear Hubby has had a nightmare car.  It keeps coming back for repairs.  He is a Auto Tech as he likes to be called.  (Translation; Mechanic)   He has put in 2 engines and it just won’t work right!  Yesterday the customer called and said it still wasn’t working.  D.H.  was a bit annoyed to put it mildly…  PA (Personal Assistant) daughter called and said start praying Dad’s mad..  Ok.. So we prayed.  She commanded that car to come into factory order..  Got 2 messages this am from them both saying, car is fine!  Thanks for the prayers!!  PRAISE GOD!!!

Then to add to all the fun, I get a phone call from school saying 12 year old is not there.  I panic for a bit as I think, did I miss someone today?  Its 930 am, if he was here I would have seen him by now right????  I look in his bed, walked through the house..  No 12 year old..  So I call the school and say, “umm… Where is he then???”    He is at school safe and sound.  Someone just didn’t take attendance correctly..  Funny thing is, is that this same kid came to me last night and said he wasn’t feeling good, so he could have been still home and in bed!!!

And then I update my calendar and find that EVERYTHING is happening on Sunday!!  Oops…  we are ALL double and triple booked..  That’s what happens when I forget to update my calendar til the 11th day of the month!!

Life is interesting sometimes.  You never know what a day will bring. Today, I have 2 friends having surgery and one sitting with her mother in law who is having surgery they don’t expect her to live from.  I have another friend who is 25 and learned that he will not live past 50 more than likely because he is in congestive heart failure.  At 25.  He is now on the heart transplant list.

I guess today’s lesson for me, as I think about all the things going on around me is this: Take each day as it comes and make it the best day it could be.  Why worry about tomorrow?  God says not to anyways.  It really doesn’t help anything at all…    All the worry scenarios that play out in your head don’t actually come true anyways so quit that!!  Focus on the next step, as my friend likes to say.  Focus on what is right in front of you.  Focus on the one before you.

Love everyone around you the best you can.

Deal with each thing as it comes.  And make the best out of every situation…

Blessings on your day!!



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