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pastor Saeed Abedini

pastor Saeed Abedini

I can’t stop thinking about this man today.  I don’t really know why today.  I have heard about his plight time and time again over the last year and have been able to pray and set it aside each time.

Not today.

I did some reading about him today on the internet.  Sadly, many people commented in an extremely negative way.  I could not believe what I was reading.  Leave him sit because he was in a place he should not have been? !!  Did this person really say that??

That was one of the milder comments.

This man is sitting in the worst prison in the world because of something that he did 10 years ago- and that had been dealt with then.  It seems that they really don’t like people talking about Jesus over there.  Big surprise.  Yes, Pastor Saeed knew that.  He and the Iranian government at that time came to an understanding and all was good.  He has been there for a long time, this is not like some one just dumbly walking into this culture and loudly preaching the gospel of Jesus.  That would be really stupid and inviting punishment.  He had been setting up orphanages for the children of Iran.  He knew better than to proselytize the people there.  That was dangerous stuff.  He knows the culture.

Our government, our president chooses to do nothing.  Instead gets information from the Muslim brotherhood about “Islamophobia” and how to combat that.

His people sit down and talk with the Muslim people and makes agreements with them.  In the mean time, Pastor Saeed and many others like him, are beaten or killed and our government does nothing.

There is something seriously wrong here.

I have a feeling Pastor Saeed will not be here on this earth for much longer.  There is no way he can physically survive.  He is being tortured by the other prisoners and receiving no medical care for his injuries.

He is a U.S. citizen being ignored by his own government.

His blood will be on our governments hands.

What has happened to us??

Oh Lord…  Forgive us..  Please God deliver this man from this torture.  Help his family Lord…  Find a way Lord….




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