SICK KIDS….. sigh….

Mini-me is home sick again today.  Seems she has strep again. I have lost count how many times she has had that in the past year.  Back to the doctor again today for her.

It reminds me of all the illnesses we have had over the years. Sometimes, we spent the entire winter nursing sick kids!!  Oh do we have sick child stories!! HAHAHA!!!

Like the Christmas, the little red-headed kid got chicken pox.  On Christmas Eve.  At the relatives house.  I hadn’t noticed any symptoms prior to that night and suddenly he just wasn’t feeling good.  The next morning, surprise!  Chicken pox.

Now most of you don’t know about chicken pox anymore.  It is a mostly harmless virus that causes itchy bumps all over the body.  We used to get it, be sick and miserable for about 2  weeks and then know we will never get that again!!

Well, that year, with my relatives, my cousin was an adult and had never gotten chicken pox as a child.  Let me just say, the chicken pox is not bad when your a child.  It is bad when your an adult!!!!  The incubation period for chicken pox is 10 days. Which meant that my cousin came down with it at another family Christmas party with another part of the family that had never had chicken pox.  Sigh…  That year not only did 3 of my kids get the chicken pox, but also most of my relatives on my Dad’s side.  Sorry.

Then there was the time when the flu hit this family.  One at a time, about every 2 hours….  Until all 6 were laid out on a huge bed in the living room with a bowl by each one.  Yea that was fun!!  One bathroom. Six sick kids.  At one point I had several lined up at the bathtub being sick.  Praise the Lord, it went through quick and by the next day most were feeling better!!!

Oh yeah..  Then there was the time I had several sick with an upper respiratory virus.  This one was pretty minor and we were able to handle it with the vaporizer and over the counter medications.  So I decided we would have a movie day and got a bunch of movies.  I had watched the movie “Simon Birch” some time before and thought it was really good.  So I thought that would be a good one to watch with the kids.  Well, I had forgotten about all the swearing and finger flipping in that movie, so the kids kept snickering and commenting about that through out the movie.  I really questioned that one, until the end when I remembered why I liked that movie. I won’t ruin it for you, but it has a great moral.

And then the mother of all illnesses.

The Respiratory Flu. Bronchitis.  Bronchiolitis. Pneumonia. Whatever you called it, someone had it over the winters for several years.

We had that so many times that Turbo and Rocket ended up with asthmatic lungs.   We had a nebulizer running most of the time from October to May.  We had every antibiotic that could be had.  We had no hospitalizations during that time, but a couple of times we could have.  We had high fevers.  Like scary high fevers.  That was rough.

One of the last times was absolutely the worst!!!  I had a newborn, and 5 other kids ALL sick at the same time, along with myself. Then the dog was hit by a car to top it off.   That next day was spent taking them all to the chiropractor for adjustments to help them feel better. Taking the dog to the vet where it was discovered that his hip socket was shattered and it would cost thousands of dollars to fix.  Then on to the doctors office to get the news that they ALL needed nebulizer treatments 4 times a day and a couple of different antibiotics and cough medicines!!

Needless to say, the dog had to just heal on his own.  There was no way I could afford medical care for the dog too.  I barely had enough to cover the children, much less a dog too.  He actually healed up very well and lived for several years after that with only a little discomfort and a limp.

I was exhausted and we actually moved out of the house for a few days because we felt like there had to be something in the house that was making us sick.  We installed a special filter on the furnace to clean the air better and that did seem to help.  Soon after we decided that it was probably something to do with the cats and so we got rid of them.  After that we did have some respiratory illness but none like that again!!

Turbo and Rocket did  struggle for some time after that with asthmatic type symptoms and Turbo was on an inhaler for awhile.  He seemed to have gotten the worst of it over the years.  Then when he was about 5, God totally healed him of that.  We prayed over him one night, he sat up and coughed and hacked like he was throwing up, and never used his inhaler again!!  To this day, he has not had to use the inhaler again!

Oh, and that time, I was sick right along with all the rest.  But I didn’t have time to think about that too.  I got to inhale the nebulizer treatments as I gave them to everyone else.  I took garlic oil capsules and some other things and was better on the same timeline as everyone else.

So needless to say, having one child home sick with strep again, is a breeze!  Actually fun!!  She watches movies, takes some medicine, drinks tea and we play games.  No big deal!  I feel bad for her being sick yet again but it is certainly not as bad as we have had!!

Well, gotta take her to the chiropractor for an adjustment and get some colloidal silver to help her throat.  Yes, I have also learned about the alternatives and really like them.  I will talk  more about them as time goes on!

Be Blessed today!




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