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What happened to Free Speech???

I have been reading all over Facebook and online about the uproar about Phil Robertson’s comments.  Really?  You ask him of all people a question like that and what do you expect him to say??  He is not exactly known for being politically correct!!!!

Looks to me like he was set up.

Why would someone ask that question of a man who is known for his Christian beliefs, who walks it out, who says what he thinks, and not expect him to say what he believes??!!  You have got to be kidding me!!!   And the bigger question, why is he being slammed?  Can only gay people have rights?

Now, we have some serious issues here.  What right does GLAAD have to tell Phil and others like him what to believe and what to say?  They are all knowing and all correct?  I don’t think so.  That’s called “bullying”.

This whole thing has gotten way out of hand.

Our kids can’t pretend to play with guns on the playground.  A five year old can get labeled a sex offender for kissing a girl on the play ground.  And God forbid someone, anyone say anything negative about gay people!!

Let’s get back to reality here people!!

I can have my opinion on gay people.  I will not hate, I will respect a gay person.  But I will not accept your lifestyle.  Any time your whole life centers around sex and whether or not you can have sex with whoever, whenever, whatever you want, there is a serious problem.  Accepting all of that is just wrong.  That goes for a gay person or a straight person.  Life is not about who or how many.

My kids, boys and girls played with guns as children.  I started out saying no to guns.  Then I saw my son turning my daughter’s doll into a gun.  Then everything became a gun, it didn’t matter what I thought about the matter.  He played with guns anyways.  So did my daughter.  That theory went out the window.

I can have an opinion on guns.  My kids have learned how to use guns.  Several have done hunter safety.  Most have gone through the shooting sports program in 4h.  They know how to use them safely.  They also shoot each other with air soft guns.  Guns aren’t the problem.  People are.

This whole thing about being gender neutral and picking genders when they get of age, is just crazy.  You are born a boy or a girl.  That’s it.  Period.  End of discussion.

Boys kiss girls.  Girls kiss boys.  Let’s get all of this into perspective.    Children are curious.  They also mimic what they see.  If in my family we kiss friends and relatives, wouldn’t it follow that the kids would kiss their friends?  Should we come down hard on a child for doing something that comes natural?  NO.  Should we have a talk with them about correct protocol?  Absolutely.

Let’s get back some sanity here people.  If you want to have a gay lifestyle, that is entirely up to you.  You can make that choice.  But don’t tell me what I have to think about it.  I believe that what Phil Robertson is absolutely correct.  That is what it says in the Bible, that is what God says about it.  That’s it.  Its not up for discussion.  I don’t have to like your choice, you don’t have to like my opinion.

That’s called freedom of speech.

Blessings on your day..



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