The End is Near!!!

3 more days..  Just a few more presents needed.  Just a few more days of anxiety.  Do I have what everyone wanted?  Did I get enough?  Did I not get enough?

Here I go again.  Every year we go through this.  I don’t know about you, but I get so anxious about Christmas.  I know we all go through this as we prepare for the big day! Will they like what they got?  Will there be tears or laughter?

Its so frustrating and yet it happens every year.

Every year I decide I am not going to fall into the trap and every year I fall.

What am I going to do??!!!

Change my attitude.   Try not to worry.  Either way, it will all be over in a few days.  Another holiday past and put into the scrapbook.  (its just a figure of speech.. I have not done a scrapbook in years!! hahaha!!)

The reality is that its not about the gifts.  Its about the times we have together and the memories we make together.  Its about laughing and enjoying the time we have.  Things are beginning to change for our family.  Older kids are beginning to pair off and soon, they will have their own holidays for create.

If I can just keep that in focus, all will be fine again.  Let’s just enjoy what we have this year.





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