new beginnings


Its been a couple of weeks since I added a blog post.   Its been a bit busy..  The kids were home for “Winter Break” i.e. “Christmas Break”.. We can’t call it “Christmas Break” because that is just not politically correct.  So they had “Winter Parties” for “Winter Break”.  Really?? Who are they fooling??!!  The kids know they are having a Christmas party and a Christmas Break!!  Why else would they have off at this time of year??!!

Ok.. Rant over…

So Christmas is over.  The New Year has begun.


Wow…  And Seriously cold too!!  My chickens eggs are freezing before I can collect them!!   We are keeping up with keeping waters thawed and food in front of all the animals.  That does help create heat in their bodies and keeps them moving.  Have you ever heard the term “hayburner” referring to horses?  I had but thought it meant that they just burned through hay so fast!!  Nope.  It actually means that when horses eat hay it creates heat in their bodies to keep them warm!!  Interesting bit of trivia for you today.  You have just learned something new…  hehe…

Ok..  Let’s get focused here today…

Christmas was really good this year.  We all enjoyed each others company and had a blast!  We ate too much. Laughed not nearly enough, and spoiled each other with our gifts and love!!  On Christmas Eve we go to church together, come back and eat a big meal then open the Christmas Eve box.  That has pj’s for everyone and either a dvd or a game.  This year it was the game of “Things”.  Strict rules to keep it pg were set and we laughed and laughed!!  What a fun game!!!

That has become our best Christmas tradition- along with the boys sleeping over and playing video games until the early morning hours.   They love that!

I have to remember that its about relationships and building good relationships.  That is why we celebrate Christmas in the first place.  So we could have a relationship with Jesus and God.  Jesus is our connector to God.  Do you believe in Jesus?  Do you believe He came to the earth for you?  He did you know.  He did it because He loves you.  He did it because He wants to have a relationship with you.  He doesn’t want us to just know ABOUT Him.  He wants us to KNOW Him.  We can do that when we Believe in Him and why He came.

He truly is the Reason for the Season.

For Love.  For God So LOVED the World that HE Sent His ONLY SON that whoever BELIEVED in HIM would have Everlasting Life.

Christmas is about Love and Relationships.  I pray your Christmas was full of love and good healthy relationships.  I pray your new year be full of Love and good healthy relationships.  I pray that 2014 be a year for you to experience what Real Love is!!




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