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a little cooking today!!

I cooked breakfast today…

Yes it is a minor miracle.. I hate to cook breakfast. I would much rather someone else do it!  Mornings are not usually my thing, but this morning was a bit different.  It was a day off of school because of this extreme cold we have today and the kids slept til after 8 this morning!!  Even the early risers!!  So it was almost lunch time by the time I actually made breakfast.  Kind of a slow, we don’t have to go anywhere kind of day..  Several still are in their pajamas!

So I made “eggs in a nest”, bacon and sausage.  If you haven’t made eggs in a nest before, you should.  Its really easy and the kids really like it!  I am going to attempt pictures in this post.  So bear with me here!!

I have been baking the bacon and the sausage. I have found it works really well!  Much less splattering mess!  Put the  bacon and sausage on a jelly roll type pan and bake at 350 for about 20 min.

Here is the eggs in a nest recipe:

Take a piece of bread and cut a hole in the middle of it.  I used a cookie cutter today.  Butter the bread and put the pieces on the griddle.  Then put an egg in the hole in the slice of bread.  Cook it for a few minutes until it starts to turn white, then flip and finish cooking the egg.  The bread on the butter side should be grilled nicely.  Yum!!



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