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My Favorite Essential Oils

I have been using essential oils now for years.  I started off with Melaluca oil from the Melaluca company. Its a really good oil and I have had really good results using it.  I call it the “duct tape” of essential oils!  hehe..

Anyways, that is the oil I started using and then found that there were lots more oils!  I experimented with others over the years and used eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree(melaluca) oil whenever we had illnesses in the house with good results.  I would diffuse the oils in the house, or actually put on the kids at night as they were sleeping.  They helped a lot, I think.

Then I met a woman who knew so much about oils!!  I was fascinated!  She used oils extensively with good results!  I once saw her put oils into a wound one of her horses received that was kind of deep and would need some vet attention.   The vet only had to stitch it up and it healed very quickly! Another time we used a series of oils in a treatment called “Raindrop technique”.   Again with good results.  I will teach about those things in another blog.  Right now, I just wanted to get you familiar with essential oils.

So I learned a lot from her.  I also learned that there is a huge difference between oils that you might find at the store and the oils I am using.  The oils that you might find at the store typically are synthetic oils and not actually pure, therapeutic-grade oils.  They may be mixed with other things and not actually be pure oils.  Also, if an oil has not been processed correctly it will not be the same chemically as an oil that has been carefully processed according to its kind.

Its actually very important that you use only pure, unadulterated, therapeutic-grade essential oils.  If you have a problem with essential oils it could be because they are not pure oils!

I have made a list of oils that I think are the most important oils to use and to have on hand.  These oils are all Young Living Therapeutic-grade essential oils. I would still highly recommend Melaluca Oil but I am now just using Young Living. I love these oils!


This is the first oil I learned to use.  Its got so many useful applications its amazing!  I used it for everything!  My first lesson with it was with some warts I had on my foot.  I used it diligently 3 times a day for a month and they disappeared!

Tea tree is an antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti parasitic and an anti-inflammatory.  That pretty much covers most problems!!

Its uses are: fungal infections (such as warts), tooth/gum disease, water- retention/hypertension and skin conditions.  I have also used it for bee stings, disinfecting wounds,  and to fight off colds.


This is another one I learned about oils on.  I used it mostly in mixtures for baths when the kids had colds and such.  My favorite thing to do with peppermint was to use it along with eucalyptus and tea tree oil added to Epsom salts for a steamy hot bath when the kids had respiratory infections.  I also would take that Epsom salt mixture and put it into a sock and have them sleep with it.  Another use I have for it is in my water bottle.  Its a bit strong, so keep it to just a drop!

Peppermint is known to be anti-inflammatory, anti-tumorial, anti-parasitic, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, a gall-bladder/ digestive stimulant, pain- relieving and an appetite suppressant.

It can be used for rheumatism/arthritis, respiratory infections, obesity, viral infections, fungal infections/candida, digestive problems, headaches and nausea, skin conditions, scoliosis/lumbago/ back problems.


Lavender has a quite a following.  Its the current popular essential oil.  Most of the time it is a highly adulterated version, but you can find it in anything from sleep aids to laundry soap!

I also love lavender.  It smells so good!  I use a few drops on a washcloth and throw it into my dryer with my laundry to freshen up the laundry.   I also have used this for so many things!  Its a good relaxant and a drop or two on your hand when you go to bed with help you sleep.  My Mom used it on my Dad’s toes to heal nail fungus.  I diffuse it into the air when there is sickness in the house.  It also works well with aloe vera gel for sunburn or burns in general.

Lavender is known to be antiseptic, antifungal, analgesic, anti tumoral, anticonvulsant, vasodilating, relaxant, anti-inflammatory, reduces blood-fat/ cholesterol, combats excess sebum on skin.

Its uses are: respiratory infections, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, menstrual problems/pms, skin conditions, burns, hair loss, insomnia, nervous tension.


Another oil with many uses.  This one I started using in my water bottle.  It has good flavor and aids in digestion.  You can also use this in your cleaners- add to baking soda for a good sink scrubber.  This one I also use in the laundry again add a few drops to a washcloth and run in the dryer for a fresher smelling laundry.

Lemon is known for being antitumoral, antiseptic, it improves micro-circulation, its an immune stimulant, it improves memory,  you can use it for relaxation.  It also has been found to be rich in limonene and has been extensively studied for its ability to combat tumor growth.

It can be used for circulatory problems, arteriosclerosis, obesity, parasites, urinary track infections, varicose veins, anxiety, hyper-tension, digestive problems and acne.


This one is relatively new to me.  I have only begun to learn of its amazing uses!  Oregano is a hot oil, meaning it feels hot when you use it.  Use it with some cautions then.  If it feels too hot don’t try to wash it off, use some olive oil to dilute it. As with all essential oils,  water just spreads the reaction so never try to just rinse it off.  Use some kind of oil, like olive oil, to dilute the reaction.

I have used it recently when the kids were sick diffused in their room at night.

Oregano is known to be anti-aging, a powerful anti-viral, antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory, and an immune stimulant.

Some uses for it are arthritis/rheumatism, respiratory infections, infections, tuberculosis, and digestive problems.


Thieves is a powerful blend of oils. It comes from the 15th century during the black death plague.  There was a group of thieves that would go in and steal from the homes of the people who had been sick.  They never got the black death despite handling contaminated items.  They were awarded a lenient sentence if they would reveal their recipe.  This blend is made up of the oils from the same ingredients.

It is made up of cinnamon bark, lemon, clove, eucalyptus and rosemary.

This blend is known to be more powerful than typical cleaners especially when used to get rid of various molds and mildews.  It is highly anti-viral. It is also antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-infectious.  If you are sick, this would be a great oil to have on hand.  Put a drop on your hands and cup them over your mouth to fight a cold.  Diffuse into the air when there is sickness in the house.  This oil is a great hand sanitizer.

There are tons more, and I just read today that so many more are being discovered!!  This list can get you started.  What are some oils you have tried?  Leave a comment in the comment box and tell about your experiences!




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