Playing in the Snow!!!!

some of the kids playing in the snow in the kitchen!!
some of the kids playing in the snow in the kitchen!!

So I read another blog post tonight that just made me laugh… ANNDDD remember about a cold snowy winter about 19 years ago… COULD IT REALLY BE 19 years ago??!!!!!!

Ok– shock over….  not really but I want to get this post out…  I will cry when I am done!!!

SO anyways….

It was a REALLY cold winter and I had several kids under the age of 7.   My kids and a couple extras. We were stuck inside because it was just too cold to take them all out.  We were in the middle of the first version of remodeling the kitchen, and the linoleum was cut up from the remodeling process.  The walls were torn out or in various stages of remodel.  It was a mess. If I can find pictures to add to this post at some point, I will do that.   I had made one section of wall a drawing easel and that had been used and used and was no longer a novelty.  I needed a new idea!!

In came the kiddie pool.   I filled the pool with snow and put the kids in their snow gear, in my kitchen, remodeling mess and all!!  We pulled out spray bottles full of food colored water, shovels, buckets and played until the snow was water!!!

They had so much fun with that and still talk about it!

It was quite the clean up project, but we had no where to go anyways so we had plenty of time!!  And really, it was just water!  I ended up with a clean floor– a win, win!!

We did that a few times because it was so much fun!!  Another time I will tell you about when we had a beach party with the same pool and swimsuits in my kitchen..




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