What my Kids do for fun..


My boys buy, sell, repair and dismantle cars for fun..  And profit..  Well not all..  Most of them just take stuff apart and know how to fix it.  One has moved on and does other things now.  One just plays and works on one car mostly.  The others are still learning.

Mostly, its just Turbo who makes money at it..  We don’t really know why he can but he does.  He has bought and sold more cars at his age than his father did at the same age.  Which is really saying something.  His father has owned more vehicles than anyone else I know.  Except for my friends husband who owned car dealerships.  So I guess its in his blood.

He started with an old Thunderbird that someone had left at my Dad’s farm.  He sold that after a couple years and then bought another car.  He sold parts off of that and then bought another car.  And on and on it went.  The others have tried it with not as much success.  We just don’t get it but it works for him.

They don’t spend time drinking, smoking and doing drugs.  They take apart cars.  They fix cars.  They install stereos and speakers and subs.  ( Not the sandwich!!)  They are always doing stuff with their cars.

It keeps them busy.

We don’t do sports for the most part.  They have played sports but there isn’t as much interest in that as there is in cars and building cars.

They don’t do wild drinking parties.  They don’t even do tame drinking parties.  They do wild video game parties with sweet tea and chocolate milk!!

I am so proud of them……  They are really good kids.  All of those boys. You know who you are.

Just stay away from my van.  But some work on my mustang would be awesome!!



what my boys do for fun..
what my boys do for fun..
Turbo's collection...
Turbo’s collection…
Actually this is not his current collection...
Actually this is not his current collection…

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