The Coolest Free- Spirit Ever!!

We are doing another Dave Ramsey class.  I am so excited because I get to learn more budgeting stuff, (I really need that!!)  but also, I get to get to know a whole new group of people as they work through their budgets! The other night we did the lesson called “Relating with Money”.

A really good lesson I think!!  In this lesson we recognize that we are very different from our spouse if we are married.  We learned that some of us are spenders and some savers.  Some are nerds and some are free-spirits.

For those of you that may not know me:  I am a total free-spirit!!

My husband is a total nerd.

And yet we do somehow, most of the time hopefully, manage to get along!!

We did a little quiz at the end of class that helped us to figure out our leanings.  Some were surprised by their results.  Most pretty much knew, especially after the lesson, which they were.

What is funny tho, is that, I as a free-spirit, have been doing the budget at our house for the last few years.  Budgets, for a free-spirit is a foreign thing!!  Budgets are for boring people who cannot “Seized The Day!!!”

For me though, I found that I liked doing the budget.

I know…. Weird.

I like writing things down.  I love words.  I like numbers– as long as its nice looking and not algebra!!

I love how a budget looks on the page.

The problem comes in when I try to take whats on the page and use it the way I have it written down.    Its complicated..  Not really because Dave keeps things simple, but when it comes to a free-spirit having to stick to the budget and actually use it, well…. there lies the problem!!

So we are on our third time going through the class.  It is making me “get it”!!  Each time I am grasping a little more.  Dave says a free-spirit has about 17 min before they are lost.   Each time I watch a Dave lesson I get a different 17 minutes of the lesson!!  hehe…

I am a Free- Spirit who is not a boring person and likes to budget!!

Have a great day all you Nerds and Free-spirits!!!  Spenders and savers!!


ps..  If you would like to learn more about Dave Ramseys Financial Peace University, or any of his classes, radio programs or tools for budgeting go to:



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