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Its snowing again.. Its cloudy still…..  I suddenly remembered.  January is a month that we just have to get through. Its cold.  Its cloudy and dark.  Its snowy or rainy or sleeting or all of the above.

What to do while we wait for January to be over with?

Make the best of it.  Here is a list of things to do to help get through this month:

Snowshoe.  A really good workout by the way!!  I got a pair last year for Christmas.  I love to take them out and go for a good walk!  You need a good bit of snow to use them well so this year is perfect for snowshoeing!!

Go sledding!!  We love to go to the steep hill just down the street.  Its fast. It has bushes at the bottom you have to avoid so there is the added danger factor! hehe…  There is another hill we like over at Glacier Hills county park.  That one is long and sloping making for  a good long ride.

Ice Skating– Another good fun activity to do in the winter.  A small cost is involved in this one, but for $3 plus another $2 to rent skates still quite a bargain!!  It is really a good exercise!  I had forgotten how much til I went skating with the kids.  It seemed so much easier when I was younger!!!  It was not easy this time– just saying..  No I did not fall down.

Learn a new skill or practice an old one.  In the winter, a lot of times, I just like to play with yarns..  A few years ago, I picked up a “Knifty-Knitter”.  Its a round loom set, mine had 3 pieces because I picked it up at a rummage sale or Goodwill.  It doesn’t matter to me, I just like to sit and knit stuff with it!!  Its a winter time activity I just like to do.   I have made scarves, shawls, and hats.  This year I started crocheting again.  I have made a hat so far.  It took a little to remember how to do it.  I used to do it when I was a kid in 4h in West Bend.  I was a Badger Booster.  Then we broke off and became the Bender Badgers.  (Or vice versa.. the names are so similar I get confused!!  hehe…)  Ms. Terlinden was my crocheting teacher then.  I haven’t forgotten it all Ms. Terlinden!!!!

Read.  I know.. Not everyone likes to read.  I just can’t understand that last statement!!  But weirdly enough, some people just don’t like to read for fun.  I can’t get enough to read!!  And I have to be careful.. If I get into a good book it could be all nighters!!  So I have to think before I pick up a novel, “can I do an all-nighter if I get in to this?”  I can post a list of good reads at some point here.

Plan your garden for next season..  Yes, we will have spring soon.  Really we will.  To help keep that in focus, start planning your garden.

Its also a good time to do some redoing/reorganizing.  What else can you do when it is raining/sleeting/snowing/blowing????!!!!

Play games with the kids.  Pull out those old board games that you haven’t seen in awhile.  Spend the afternoon playing and laughing and talking together.  Another thing to do is puzzles.  We have  a collection also sitting in the game cabinet just waiting….

Do your best to enjoy this month!!




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