First, I should explain just what “Sumo” is.  I came up with it out of the blue one night when I heard a child say to me for the hundredth time, “what are you making?!”  It just came out of my mouth..  It was one of those dinners where I had several things leftover in the fridge and not enough to make any one thing so it all got mixed in.

Like this:  “Sumo this.  Sumo that.”

And “TaDa!!”  DINNER!!!

Ok Ok…. Kind of weird I know.. Cheesy even.

But it is a fun family joke.  We like to joke that someday I am going to write a cookbook called, “SUMO”.

Then there will have to be a sequel called, “Sumo Fails”!!!

The problem though is this..  You would have to write this stuff down and take pictures and stuff.  Like Ree Drummond does for her “Pioneer Woman” website and cookbooks.  (By the way, if you haven’t found her yet on the web, check her out.  She has a fun website and great recipes to try out!! )

I don’t take time for that.   Dinner needs to be made so we can get on with life!!!!

Most of the time I can’t remember what I did from one meal to the next!!

It also depends on what I had on hand..

Let me see if I can come up with an example of a typical “Sumo” dish……..

Let’s say I have some leftover taco meat.  Some noodles and some random vegetables.  A cooked vegetable like beans or peas.  I might take the meat and heat it up, add a can of tomatoes to make it a bit different and throw in the vegetables.  Add some italian seasoning or basil (or whatever other seasoning I have on hand!!).  Then throw in the noodles to heat them up.  Top it with some shredded cheese and dinner is served.

Often times I will use recipes to springboard into something yummy using what I have on hand.  Its just a suggested ingredient anyways!! hahahaa!!!!

Sometimes, its just a “Sumo Fail”.

If its bad enough, I will feed it to the dogs or the chickens.  The cats are waaayyy tooo picky and won’t eat it.  For barn cats, they are really snooty!!!  Then it doesn’t totally go to waste.

If I can come up with an idea to reinvent it, I will and we will try it again.  I hate to let food go to waste..

Sometimes, there is just no saving it..

For example;  One night I thought I would try one of those overnight slow- cooker breakfasts.  Well…..  I must have not followed some direction because when the next morning came it was a tastless mass of yuck!!  4 people ate it with adjustments but the reviews I got from them later were not good.

When I got to it, I felt bad that they ate it!! I couldn’t eat it!!!!

We couldn’t salvage that one, so off to the dogs it went.  They ate it with no complaints!!

I will do my best to attempt some “Sumo” recipes here on occasion, with reviews so that you know whether or not to try it at home.  It would be funny to post some “Fails” here too once in awhile, so be sure to read and make sure its not a fail before you try it at home!!

Blessings on your day!!!



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