new beginnings

25 YEARS!!!

Its our 25th anniversary today..

The fact is that its only God that has kept us here.  We should have not made it past that first few years.

We have had issues.  Who doesn’t?

But about 14 years ago I said, “I can’t do this anymore God.  You either have to fix this or I am out of here!”

He is working on us.  It didn’t happen overnight.  Its a work in progress.  All marriages are.  Some are just easier than others, of that I am convinced!  But I would not say that ALL of any marriage is easy.  There are spots in any marriage that are hard.  Let’s face it, sometimes life is just hard.

My husband is a good man.  He does his best to provide for us.  He does his best to spoil us!!  He is not perfect and neither am I.  Have you heard the term “Iron sharpens iron?”  Yea that could be us..  We have definitely sharpened each other and made each other much more…  I guess hard-headed people need hard-headed people.

A few years back, he said he would build me an arbor for my grape vines.  I had an idea in my head, but he could not grasp it.  It ended up being a several day battle.  He was mad because he wanted it his way.  I was mad because it was MY arbor.  He was building it for ME so it should look the way I want right??!!!   I left for some time and he was building it his way.  When I got back, I was furious!!  He had said he understood what I wanted and was gonna try it.  It wasn’t at all what I wanted!!

So the battle raged.

Finally, we came to an understanding.  He would build the frame and I could do what I wanted on the rest.  So I took sticks and free-formed them radiating from the middle frame.  I took copper tubing and spiraled them over that.  I took copper wires and glass stones and hung them from the copper tubing.  I got some decorative toppers for fence posts and put them up on the tops.

It was a study in Me and my Husband.

The Hubby:  Straight, solid, strong.  Organized and in order.

Me:  Curvy, unpredictable, chaotic even.  Free formed…  A little wild even!!

It was beautiful.  It was perfect!!  My part needs to be repaired in a few places now after a few years.  Its ok– then I can change and update the look.

It was really the first time we could really understand who we really were to each other.  He finally got the idea that I am more creative and a (To borrow a Dave Ramsey term yet again) Free- Spirit, and I finally understood how much of a nerd (we jokingly call him an “av geek”) he really was.  He LIKES things neat and in order.  I like things neat and in order, but my order is much different from his!! hehe….  He LIKES to follow the plan..  I make the plan as I go along!!

But we understand that so much better now..  It only took us 25 years!!!

Its the way we are.  I will have to get some pictures at some point and add them to this post.

For 2 people who said they would never get married and have kids, I guess we are doing pretty good huh?!!!

I truly and unequivocally believe that it is only because of God healing us, and helping us that we are together still today.

Thank You LORD for loving us and healing us!!  If there are any reading this post that need to have their marriage healed and worked on in any areas, Lord, maybe they are going through a painful time in their life, maybe they have also had enough, Lord I pray that they cry out to YOU for help and that Lord, you would hear their cry and help them. I know You will hear their prayers.  Send people into their lives who can help them work out the issues they are facing.  Send people to speak life into their marriages and whatever hard thing they are going through.  Lord give them peace in the midst of whatever they are going through.

If you would like me to pray for whatever issue you are facing, feel free to post in the comments.  I will pray for you and I would be honored to help you in whatever way I can.

blessings on your day!!




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