the laundry…..

An ongoing thing I realize….

Here in this house, an everyday occurrence as I am sure it is in yours also..

It gives me something to do on yet another snowy cold day.

Here, we have made some changes to laundry so I don’t have so much to do. Number 1 is that anyone over the age of 12 has to do his or her own laundry.  Which ensures that the laundry gets used almost every day of the week!!!

But its their laundry and if they choose to not do it, its not my problem.  If they choose to pick up their  clothes from the floor and put them back on for the 5th time that week, its not my problem. Its gross and they will most likely face some backlash from it, but again:  Its not my problem!!!

I have to have an end to my laundry.  It is totally a mind thing.  I can go like gangbusters and get all the laundry done in 2 days or I can do other things and it takes 3 but, for my peace of mind, there has to be an “end”.

I realize completely that its never really done, but my time in the laundry room is done for that week.

I spend the rest of the time making sure that the filter gets cleaned, the dust from the dryer gets vacuumed up and the lint trap gets cleaned.  I am not liking wiping up water from the overflowed washtub!!  It has happened again several times as of late.  I don’t really know why!!

Ok ok… this is kind of boring, so how about telling you about all the times the first year we were here, that the washtub got overflowed and we had quit the mess??

I am not used to wash tubs.  At the other houses we lived in, it went directly into the septic system.  I never had to worry about lint traps and plugged drains and such.

Got a crash course in them here!!

A lint trap is a must here!!  Not just a stocking over the drain pipe either.  That eventually just sprays EVERYWHERE!!   Same with that little metal bag that fits over the hose– but that was worse! I found this plastic thing that fits into the drain and all I have to do is clean it once a week or so.  More if Horse daughter did her laundry.

Do not leave anything in the tub that might plug the drain!!  I cleaned and threw the rag into the tub and forgot.  I remembered when suddenly we heard water running all over the floor.  And down the dryer vent hole.  And into the basement.  And down the finished wall behind the brand new, full of books, bookcases.  And over the brand new router.  And into the carpet…..


So we got that all taken apart and cleaned up and eventually with the help of 2 dehumidifiers, and the carpet cleaner, it dried.

Until about a month later, when it happened again.  This time a sock had fallen in accidentally and unnoticed.


Todd made a top for it to try to stop that.  Great idea..  Except you have to move it once in awhile to clean the drain from all the lint.

And again….

This is really not funny anymore people….

Lately, its happening again for no apparent reason.  Not as bad, Praise the Lord.  Just a puddle on the laundry room floor.  Maybe the washer just wants me to wash the floor??  hehe….

Anyways….  Laundry.

I typed up a schedule for everyone.  Most of the time it is followed.  Some people just choose not to do their laundry.  Fine by me.

I typed up an instruction list to make sure everyone understands the whole “Don’t fill the washer to capacity and then some.  You cannot push just a few more things in!!”  concept.  You cannot then put the washer setting to small and expect anything to get clean at all!!!

You must clean the lint trap on the dryer!!

I may start charging for my services.  Coin operated machines are starting to look better and better.  In my own house not down the road any where.

If you read this post to the end, you deserve something good.  Go have a good cup of coffee or tea…. Put your feet up.  Eat a bonbon if you have one.

Laundry is definitely not an exciting topic I realize but well, its what I had today!!




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