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I love to pray.  Most of the time.  Sometimes, I just pray because I know I need to.  Sometimes I pray because God has directed me to.

Sometimes prayer is fun.  Sometimes prayer is work.

Most of the time, for me anyways, I have an inner conversation going with God all day long!!  Weird, I know.  But its that inner voice that brings things to mind.  You know the one.  The one that says, “Hey, remember So and So?”  “oh, Yea..  Wonder what they are up to?”  Or maybe its the “You should go over to Target today and get such and such.”  “Don’t forget to pick up your son/daughter. ”

Those kinds of thoughts.

I have learned that those can be inner conversations with God.

I have also learned that we can hear lots of other voices too.  You also are very familiar with those voices.  “Your so ugly.”  “I’m fat.”  “I’m too skinny”  You name it…   We all have them at one time or another.  They can also keep score.  You know.. Like  “your so stupid.. Remember that time when you did this dumb thing?”

Now, here are some things I have learned.

You don’t have to listen to the negatives!!  You can chose to take that thought captive and tell it where to go!!  I have learned that those thoughts are things that we all struggle with and they are lies!!  Yes, we may have done something wrong long ago..  If we have faced the problem and dealt with the consequences, its a done deal.  Its over.  Move on..

Guess what?  We have all made mistakes.  Learn from them.  Grow.  Move on.  Its ok.

Back to prayer.

If we are allowing the negatives to rule, we can get so caught up in them that we cannot pray.  In the midst of those overwhelming thoughts, sometimes the only thing we can pray is “JESUS”..  He knows and will answer those prayers too.  He may use others to do it too.  In fact, He will most likely use others to answer prayers!!

God loves to talk with us.  That is what prayer is.  He is not the one saying the negatives, lets get that straight right now.  He is not the one reminding us of every bad thing we have ever done.   He is the one who is saying “let’s talk about this thing.”  “How can I help you work through this.”   He will (and does) forgive us our sins.  When we believe in Him, He is alive in us!! Its in Colossians– check it out!!

So, whether you spend time each day in a “quiet time” or you spend your days in constant communication with Him, your having a conversation with Him.  Its prayer.  He is listening.

Open your heart to Him.  Listen.  He is speaking to You.  He is saying, “Come away with me, My child. My bride.  I love YOU. I want to spend time with YOU.  You are special to Me.  I want to talk to You.  I have things to tell you.  You are GREATLY LOVED!!!”

Enjoy your day!!




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