Off Topic

More Prayer

We always need more prayer.  Let’s face it, life gets us down sometimes.  We need to look up in those times.  Those are the struggles that make us stronger!!

Look, the reality is, life is hard.  I don’t care if your married or single.  Have kids don’t have kids.  It doesn’t matter.  Life is hard sometimes!

But LOOK UP!  This season will end and you can be closer to God through it.

Struggles are a part of life.

No I have not always done very well through them.   Sometimes I just totally blew it.  But its when you quit that you fail.

Yea, I said “I quit!!!”  many times.  But the reality is that I quit the path I was on, or the behavior I was doing.  I couldn’t just quit.    Well, I should say more accurately, I WOULDN’T just quit.

I prayed.

In the midst of an ugly marriage struggle, I prayed.

In the midst of unceasingly crying babies, I prayed.

In the midst of pain, torment, ugliness.  I prayed.

You could say, I learned to pray in the trenches.  I turned to Him..  It just seemed natural.

He didn’t always answer right away.  Sometimes He sent someone.  Sometimes He sent something. Sometimes He showed me a book, or a passage in the Bible.   Sometimes we just talked.

Yes.  I did talk with God.  You can indeed talk with God.  It says in the Bible that you can and I believe it so I do it.

Sometimes I let Him have it!!  Sometimes I couldn’t even talk.  He heard my tears.  He knows whats in my heart.    So why hide it?  He already knows and He loves me.

Its like this;  When my kids have a problem I just know something is up.  God is like that.  He just knows.  He actually even knows why and He knows the bigger picture.  He can help me through the struggle, just as I can help my kids through their struggle.  I don’t know the bigger picture but I can because of experience talk my kids through their struggles.

I guess my point here today is to encourage you to talk to Him and that maybe just maybe, you already are talking with Him.   If you aren’t, try talking with Him today.  He has been waiting to hear from you!

It doesn’t matter.  He loves you.  He wants to hear from you!!

Blessings on your day!!!



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