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Garden pics

I love feeding the birds!
I love feeding the birds!

One year I had an amazing garden!!

I need to see some green.. I am sure the rest of you do too!!

Love this pic of the chickadee on the feeder.  They are so fun to watch!!

I worked so hard on these gardens that year and was so rewarded with these beauties!!!

This is one of my favorite pictures!
This is one of my favorite pictures!
This is my other favorite!!
This is my other favorite










The sunflowers were so pretty that year!! And the birds love them!!

Here is a cool picture of the grape arbor I talked about in the post 25 Years.  You can see that solid structure that is needed to hold up all the grapes that year!!!  They are concords and I make jam and sometimes, if I am feeling ambitious, juice.  YUMMY!!!

Totally redid the back garden last year.  It got overgrown with weeds.  Looking forward to seeing many of these plants here at the new house this summer.  The rose bush however, didn’t make it.  It was so pretty I was sad to see it dead.

Glad I took pictures of it!  It didn’t happen again the next year.  Some years I have more time, (and desire to be in the dirt!!) than others.

Last year, as I mourned the loss of a good friend, it was good therapy to dig out weeds and clean it up again.  I had a long talk with God about her death as I cleaned out that garden!!!

Struggles do indeed bring you closer to God and my gardens are an example of it I think.  You see, when I need to think, (actually, pray and have a discussion with God) about something, I go into the garden.  At our old house, there were A LOT of gardens.

Yes..  I had A LOT of discussions with Him!!!


(And I thought I didn’t have anything to tell you about today!!)

Anyways,  Gardens for me, are therapeutic.  I get into the dirt and it helps me to process life.

Its the dirt.

In the spring then, its the excitment of watching for the crocus coming up early when there is still snow on the ground.

Its a reminder for me that this season will end.  A new and prettier one is indeed coming!!

In the dirt, pulling up weeds, its reminding me that God is healing my heart, and my family as we work through issues together.

Adding manure is a good reminder that He is turning our filth into something good!!!

Its ok…  This season of gloom and clouds will end.  So will the seasons of struggle and lack in our lives.

Keep going!!  A new season is coming!!!



a really good year for this garden!!
a really good year for this garden!!

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