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Get through your day with more kids than there are of you with all your brain cells intact!!

So I was just reading another blog– by the way, I do enjoy her blog, this is not a dig against her blog at all.  It made me kind of laugh..  She was talking about all the things she would do to just get through the day sometimes. Like let the toddler pull all the dvd’s off the shelf or play with the tablet or phone.  This one tho made me laugh- ( I just looked back on her blog– it wasn’t her it was one of the comments from others).  The person let her 13-month old play in the dirt at the baseball game!!!  GASP!!!!  In the DIRT!!!!!

Isn’t that what dirt is for??!!

I never understood people who kept their kids out of the dirt.

There is apparently a term for it…  “Messy Parenting”…

I thought it was called “getting through the day with all the kids alive and worn out so they sleep through the night”!!!

She had posted a list of things that she let her kids do just so they could get through a phone call, emails, a cup of coffee etc… Some of which I have done.  I thought I would post a few of my own ideas..

1.  On warm summer days- fill the pool with water.  Through the day add new items.  Maybe ice cubes.  Water balloons.  Kitchen items– cups, measuring spoons, funnels, etc…  Sometimes add soap bubbles.  Add the water by bucketful to the sandbox!!  Always a fun time there!!

2.  Let the kids “wash” the dishes.  Put on aprons if you like.  Fill the sink with soap and water– making sure there are lots of bubbles!!  So what if water gets on the floor!  You now have a clean spot!!  Whoohooo!!!  Put a bath towel down if your worried about it.  Make sure there are cups and spoons and funnels!!

3.  Put a little water in the tub.  Let them play with boats, barbies, water safe toys of any kind.  Especially the kind that are not normally in the tub!!

You may have noticed I am a big one for letting the kids play with water!!  My motto is,  “If they are crabby, just add water!!”  It usually works!!!

Which is another idea I have used:

4.  For a toddler who is getting cranky and wants supper now– Put him/her in the high chair.  Put a pile of soap bubbles on the tray. Works almost every time!!

5.  build a hotwheel track around the living room.  You can use painters tape and tape one out on the floor–no it will not ruin anything!!  I had one down for a week and just pulled it right up- no residue!!!  You could use regular hotwheels tracks and build a city.  Add to the interest by putting it somewhere they don’t normally play.

6.  Get an appliance box and turn it into a fort.  A doll house.  A reading nook.  a spaceship.  You name it!!

7.  Pull out all your extra blankets and make forts with the furniture.  Forts are always fun!!  Throw some over the table.  Use the chairs.  Use the entire living room!!!

8.  Have a pool party!!  If you have a spot in the basement, or kitchen bring in the kiddie pool from last summer.  You could put some water in it, if your brave enough.  Or just put in some rice or other item that the kids can play in like sand.    Get out the swim suits, buckets and shovels, beach towels.  Have fun!!

9.  Play doughs of any kind!!  We love to make our own– there is something about warm play dough!!  There are lots of recipes on Family Fun magazine’s website.

10.  Read.  Go to the library and get some new books and cd’s to listen to.  That is always a good time!  We love to read!!  Get some Dave and Audrey Wood stories for a laugh.  Kevin Henke books are fun too!

11.  Put on your cd’s from the library and have a dance party!!  Always fun for a laugh!

In my purse I often keep random stuff just “in case”.  I had a sewing tape measure.  I gave that to a young man who was having trouble sitting still in church at a wedding we were at.

I had a collapsible frisbee in my purse for awhile.  I gave that to a young man who could not sit still anymore.  (Well I couldn’t either truth be told.  He and I played for a bit first..)

I have a notebook and pen in my purse.  I gave that to a young lady who was tired of the concert we were at.

I had “ISpy” cards in my purse for a long time.  They are just interesting pictures to look at.  A good distraction item also.

Hot wheel cars can work.  Keep in mind that cars HAVE to have car noises so use your discretion with those!!  Notebooks and fun colored pens work well usually.

Enjoy your kids!!  They are only little for a short time!!

blessings on your day!


some of the kids playing in the snow in the kitchen!!
some of the kids playing in the snow in the kitchen!!

5 thoughts on “Get through your day with more kids than there are of you with all your brain cells intact!!

  1. Great post! Yeah, I am not sure how my post about sacrificing expensive items to buy a minute to rest became about messy parenting, but you go with the flow.
    I think you have great ideas and I do some of them, like I let my three year old do dishes etc. I too have lots of activities I do with my kids, but they do take some effort. My post was about those moments because you are so tired because you had no sleep, worked a nine hour day without time to eat and you feel like you are going to collapse if you don’t pause for a moment so you let the kids play with something they shouldn’t in the name of peace and quiet. On my days off my day sounds a lot like your post.
    As for the dirt, apparently my mom gave me a spoon to play outside when I was a baby and since I knew a spoon was for eating I started eating the dirt, and I think I turned out just fine. 🙂


    1. I would not do most of those activities with the kids when I was exhausted because I hadn’t slept a full night in a week! I know what you mean about being too tired even think!! There are some things in there tho, that could be used even in those moments just to get through…. Believe me-many times I just let them do whatever just so I could sit for just a few minutes!! Otherwise, because it was a treat at my house, I would put in a movie because they would all sit and watch that. It gave me at least a half hour when I could regroup and rest for just a bit! Other than that– the clean laundry pile you talked about that worked really well! As did the dogs water dish! hehe….
      I don’t care what you do !!! JUST GIVE ME 5 minutes!!!!!
      Seems to me, Shannon, we turned out just fine– dirt and all!!!


  2. Do you have any ideas for entertaining other people’s kids? My bf and i don’t have any (kids) but lots of our friends do. They bring them with them when they come to visit, but they are almost always bored within the first half hour.
    I feel quite sorry for them but haven’t figured out what to do about it….


    1. I would have a stash of toys just for them when they come over. Maybe some legos, matchbox cars, Barbie type dolls or games. Depends of course on the ages. You could pick up random things at rummage or resale shops cheaply enough. Another idea is to have crayons or markers and paper available. Think about what would make them feel welcomed and loved. Sometimes I would take my kids to peoples homes who were so worried about their things and didn’t have anything for them. That was not welcoming and loving for them at all!! So just take a little time to do some homework and find out what would make them feel loved at your home. I am assuming that is what you would most like!
      thanks for commenting!!!


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