Here is a picture of some of my boys…  the youngest Princess behind her daddy..  They are ice cream junkies, so we had to try out the fro-yo….  Its good but not as good as all those toppings.  

We were celebrating someone’s birthday.  The young Prince, the one in the striped shirt, I do believe.  We like to do random things for birthdays.  You never really know what we are going to do!!  This time we packed up kind of later in the evening, almost bedtime, on a school night, and went for fro-yo!!  

Sometimes we go out for dinner together.   That is always fun!!  I love to see the reaction when they say, “How many?”  and I reply with a 10 or 11!!!    we laugh a lot….  

Last fall, we did an impromptu scavenger hunt for the birthdays.  That was SOOOOO funny!!  I made up clues for them to find for the birthday persons, and sent them out to the stores to find the items.  Nothing was expensive, most were hilarious!!  They had an hour to do it!!  We laughed and took pictures and ate cake and ice cream after.  Fun times!!!  

4 of my boys.  Aren't they the coolest??!!
4 of my boys. Aren’t they the coolest??!!

Here we went to the children’s museum..  Its not as fun now when they are older!  When they were little however….

You really need little kids to take to a children’s museum..  The Young Prince was just about the right age but the older ones were a little too old.   We all found things to do so we weren’t bored.  This wall at the top of the building was great tho!  We could stand with our face plastered to the glass and look down on the street!!  COOOL!!!

This would be one big reason why I became a praying momma!!!
This would be one big reason why I became a praying momma!!!
the bottom pic is of the oldest with his go cart.
the bottom pic is of the oldest with his go cart.

Notice how my yard used to look in the upper picture here??  Yea… People would drop in on occasion looking for the rummage sale!!  No, sorry that’s just how my yard is!!

Here they were building forts with the abundance of leaves we had in the fall!!  Chairs, tarps, benches, whatever was handy to make it work!  Fun times!

The bottom picture is of the oldest’s go cart.  He really wanted a go cart.  One of the business owners that my husbands employer worked with, had one they used for a display.  He gave it to us for him.  The Red-headed kid was so surprised to see it Christmas morning!!!!  We had so much fun with that car!!!  As you can see, they had kind of a lot of space to drive it!  Eventually they had a track around the house for it..  Who needs lawns??!!!

The other picture, is one of Turbo.  I don’t exactly know how he got up there but he is the only one, at this point, who could have figured out how to get up there!!!  At my house, you cannot climb trees unless you can do it yourself.  No one can help you up and no one can help you down.  You must learn how to do it yourself.  No, that did not deter anyone but the neighbor boy……  So I got to be really good at encouraging them to climb just a bit higher, and then quietly praying for them to not fall out of that tree!!

boys staining the house
boys staining the house

Also at my house, you may have noticed, that we do not keep kids from helping out anywhere!!  Here are 3 of my boys helping to stain the house.  With their help, we got it done in record time!!  They did a great job I do think!!  Yes, I was there with them!!  By now though,  I was a bit tired and cranky so the fun part was their part.  They laughed and talked and had a good time together..  

I am of the opinion that children are “slave labor”.  I say that with love, not with the picture of a slave with raggy clothes and working from sunup to sundown with a bowl of gruel only to eat.  

My oldest daughter, after watching “The Little Princess”, looked up at me one day and said quite firmly, “I am NOT YOUR SLAVE GIRL!!”  I said, “Oh yes you are!!” even more firmly and sent her back to the job she had been given to do.  She was only about 6 so it couldn’t have been more than mopping the floors on her hands and knees…  

Relax!!  I am just kidding!!!!  

She probably had to help with dishes or something..  

Anyways, kids should know how to work and that being without pay for the most part.  We occasionally try giving some sort of commissions but that just doesn’t always work out so well..   So they do learn to mop floors, sweep, vacuum, stain the house, mow the grass and etc..  They will have to know it when they move out so I would rather teach them now than have them have to figure it out later!!  

The kids are all hard workers and I am very proud of all of them!!  The older ones all are very good and well liked at their jobs,  granted 2 of them work for their father….  But the customers have good things to say about them and I like that!!

All of them worked together to put up all the fences for the horses.  I only helped with the first one to get them started.  My dad and I, who had put up fences on our property when I was a kid, helped my daughter and her friend a put up the first fence to teach them how to do it.  After that, I was only really a supervisor..

My boys actually love any opportunity to work with their shirts off and build up “abs”!!!  hehe….  And that was a good one!  They got tans at the same time!!  BONUS!!

Its so fun to watch them all work together on a project and have fun doing it.

It makes it all worth it to see them all hanging out together because they want to.

Life is good today!!

Blessings on your day!!




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