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Some Thoughts From a Recovering Homeschooling Mom…

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I am a former homeschool mom.  I schooled my kids for about, Oh, I don’t know, FOREVER!!  I am still recovering a little.  Truth be told, homeschooling and having your kids around 24/7 is hard work!  Not gonna lie to you about that!!

But it is totally worth it!!  They are interesting people I must say!!  Yes, there are weird homeschoolers.    But notice there are weird public schoolers too!!  There are weird people everywhere!!  Ever been to Wal Mart??!!!  hahahaha!!!

Honestly, I loved schooling the kids at home.   We did all sorts of fun stuff, but the most important was that we learned together and we grew together.  There is a disconnect that we have now with them being away at school all day.  I only really get them for a short time per day now.   I have to figure out how to run my day around their school schedule to make sure I get time with them.  No, I am not perfect, I still try to hide and enjoy just a bit more alone time sometimes.  But I have to make a more conscious effort to be available to them for whatever they need at night.

But when we were homeschooling I had to work around their school schedule to.  We got used to working whenever.  Our schedule usually was the same, but we could be flexible and work when we needed to.  Generally, though, nighttime was NOT the time to work on school.  That just did not happen for us.  4pm was our cutoff time usually. If we got much later than that, things got ugly!!!

Some homeschooling days were nuts!

Some days I felt like I was nuts!  Never a dull moment that’s for sure!

We tended to be more relaxed homeschoolers.  We did our schoolwork wherever we felt like it.  We sometimes had desks, but even then usually ended up on the couch or the kitchen table!!  Most of the time, we followed sort of a schedule.   We did follow a curriculum sometimes.  We worked through workbooks and textbooks.  Mostly though, we read books and did things that corresponded to that.

In my opinion, that is the best way to learn!      images (4)

Homeschooling definitely has its perks.  We could go on “field trips” when we wanted/needed a day out!  When summer came close, we could adjust our schedule so we could get as much time outside in the sunshine as we could get.  Also, we took our schoolwork outside to work as much as possible.  I loved that part!!

Get a tan, work on math!  Life is good!

That is the fun part about homeschooling, life is your classroom!

It was always interesting though to teach math to 4 different age groups!!  That got a bit difficult some days!  It was so funny though that many times each person’s assignment was the same thing just a different level! Math we realized, was not just a textbook thing.  We used math for everything!  How many places at the table?  How many of us are not here tonight? How much money do we need for this or that??  What time is it??  Math is everywhere, whether your homeshooling or not.

We built “wiki-ups” one year.   Of course,  were made of whatever branches we had in the yard.  They didn’t look as neat as these.  But it was fun and we played in those for weeks!!

images (11)images (12)

We took nature hikes.    Parks are a great homeschool resource.  Many have nature centers and information to look for out on their trails.  You can also take along nature books, notebooks, magnifiers and collection containers and have fun searching for items that are on the trail.    We took time to sit and draw plants, bark, trees, rocks.  Whatever we found on the trail.

Homeschooling does not have to cost a lot of money!!  Use real life experiences whenever possible!

We read lots of good books!  Love Sonlight curriculum!  Great books and a general guideline to help you get the most out of your books.  Books are my favorite thing to use for curriculum.  Get a good book and then figure out the theme of the book.  Do a unit study on that theme.  For example, “Black Beauty” by Anna Seawell.  This is an amazing horse story.  Use this to study horses.  How were horses used in this time frame?  What are some breeds of horses?  Or you could go totally a different direction, and go with a transportation unit.  Horses were the main form of transportation in that time frame, what others were there?  When did that change?  What did a buggy look like?  A taxi?  What were trains like?  Be sure to incorporate Geography in the lessons as there are amazing opportunities for geography as well as history.

We also did unit studies, which is really what we did with the Sonlight curriculum, but we just used what we were interested in, found some books on the topic and went from there.  Horses and trains were big ones for us!  There are lots of resources on line and at the library for whatever topic you decide to dig into.

We spent a lot of time at the library.  We love the library!!  And still do!  My kids last year, when they went to school were so excited to find their school library’s!!  They are now reading their way through their school’s library!!

I am still recovering.  I have been home alone now for the last 2 years and secretly, ok, not really secretly, I look forward to days off, snow days and vacations!  I can’t help it!  I have had kids around me for the last 26 years!!  Its just not normal for me to not have anyone around!!  Now I understand when the oldest says he can’t stand being alone in an apartment!

I will try to post some information about homeschooling that I found helpful if you are interested.  Please feel free to ask questions about homeschooling in the comments section and I will try to answer them.  I will also post some of my favorite homeshoool links and such.  (As I figure out how to do so!! )




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