Love Is….

1. Waking up next to your spouse and not wanting to breath his/her air because its morning breath..

2. Changing poopy cloth diapers..

3. Wiping the thousandth booger nose.

4.  Sitting up late chatting with a room full of teen-agers, who have followed my into my bedroom because they want to talk!!

5.  Picking up his socks again!!!

6.  Making a hot dinner because they have been working outside in the cold all day!!

7.  Sleeping next to a spouse who has a hacking cough!!

8.  Lining up the flu infected children at the one bathtub in the house, because there is not enough room at the one toilet in the house.

9.  Cleaning up all the faces, hair, clothes, bedding, carpet, from the same flu infected children.  Multiple times in multiple attacks over the years.

10.  Encouraging them to keep going they can do the thing that’s hard for them– just keep at it!!

11.  Spending time teaching them to read.

12.  Spending time.

13.  Talking with them about their issue even though you are sure they have been talked to multiple times about this same issue and not losing it because you are sure that you have!!

14.  Realizing that this is the 4th or 5th child in the line-up and you have NOT discussed this issue with this child.  It was the older ones..  Oops..

15.  Comforting the ones who are hurting even though you are hurting because they are hurting..

16.  crying with them.

17.  Laughing with them.

18.  Crying and laughing with them at the same time!!

19.  Being firm and standing when you want to cave because its just too hard for them!!!  No, its not.   It is for the best sometimes.

20.   Being angry and not liking your spouse very much, but staying in there because this is a marathon not a relay.

21.  Staying even when its hard.

22.  Staying because its hard.

23.  Yelling like an obnoxious, drunken fan at a football game, when your kids got the ball!!!!  (No, I was not drunk!!)

24.  Taking care of a parent because suddenly, we are old enough to have to sometimes.

25.  Loving is knowing when to let go.

Love is also breaking down in tears as I write this and think about all the things I could add to this list but I need to go get a kleenex, and I do need to get stuff done today!!!

Blessings and happy Valentine’s day!!



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