Just another day in the life….

Its another snow day.  They think we will get about 6 inches or so today.  Luckily, school for us was off today anyways.

Instead, we have kids at friends houses and over here today.  Gonna have to get out and drive in the snow in about an hour or so.  Should be a fun drive!!

This morning I was a good mom and made them pancakes for breakfast.  I put out applesauce, fruit, maple syrup, and a berry syrup I made last fall.  (It was supposed to be jam, but it didn’t work.)

They put on their usual peanut butter and store bought syrup.  When I reminded them to choose a fruit they ate a banana.  I try…

Then I endured the complaining, whining and arguing, and cleaned up the boys room today.  A bag of garbage is out.  The room is vacuumed.

Laundry is going.  Kids taken to where they need to go.  Brownie batter eaten.

I mean baking.  Yea… baking….

Supper idea in motion.

Vacuuming done.  Sweeping done.  Floor in the bathrooms finally swept and washed.

Its a good day.

Yea.. Not very exciting I know..  You probably think because I am a mom of many that I spend my whole day cleaning, cooking, doing laundry and waiting on the kids..

First of all, I don’t wait on anybody.  Unless, you are in bed, and even then, its questionable.

I hate to clean, but I like my house clean.  Like most of us, I do what I have to do to keep things neat-ish…  and organized.

Cooking, well, that just has to be done.  I try to cook and have leftovers so I don’t have to cook at least for one more meal.

I just can’t see spending all that money on convenience foods that are full of junk.  So I cook.

Early in the marriage, I realized it was learn to cook or eat Ramen, Mac n Cheese or frozen pizza every meal.  Yea, that’s what broke people eat! We didn’t have money for convenience meals and I refused to pay that amount for them.  Luckily, my mom taught me about cooking, at least how to figure things out.  My Mom and my grandma’s  could make a meal out of nothing, so I learned to be resourceful!!

Well,  that’s the extent of my day..  I read that part of blogging is just getting in the habit of writing.  Sorry if this is boring.  Just want to keep working at this and figuring it all out.

blessings on your snowy night!!







2 thoughts on “Just another day in the life….

  1. I am amazed each time I speak with you or read your posts, because even your “boring” days make me tired. And yet, even though we are opposit – you with 9 and me with 1 – we always seem to find a common ground…usually to laugh at. Love you! I am blessed to have you in my life!


    1. Ultimately Bethany, we are both Moms that have been through enough to make us understand that life is just hard. It doesn’t matter if we have 1 or 9 or none. That is the common ground. We understand that. I value your friendship Bethany!! Thanks so much for bringing me laughter and making me feel comfortable enough with you to be able to laugh!!! I feel like we have known each other for much longer than a little more than a year!!! Blessings on you and your family!!!


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