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What do we do in those times??

Whatever it takes to get them through the day alive!!  Yea, we all have!!  It’s not so easy when we have several children and some are younger than 3.  Yes, I said some not one or 2!

Its ok for them to make a mess and then learn to clean it up!
Its ok for them to make a mess and then learn to clean it up!

In those times, it is ok to sit down and just watch them play.  You really don’t have to be in the middle of what they are doing.  Some days it is good that they are still here at the end of it!

I have pulled out favorite toys and put them in a new place to play or added something to spark interest.  It could be a quick fort, an empty box.

Not bubble wrap!!  Just not a good idea!!  Any toys with clickers in the wheels need to get put away!!

Its ok to have a messy house.  On those days mess means the kids have been busy and entertained!

You do not have to make them a gourmet meal that day either!

It is ok to take naps with the kids!  I have done that so many times!  You could even make a big bed on the floor for all of you to sleep on.  It will take a bit longer for them to fall asleep, but if you keep your composure and do your best to “fake” sleep until they are asleep, they will fall asleep.  Mine always did!  Most of them still too regular naps well into 3 sometimes 4.  Mostly because I needed a break or a nap!

sometimes we just need a quick nap!!
sometimes we just need a quick nap!!

Counting the hours until naptime is also ok.

I used tv and movies for those days.  We don’t just have the tv on in our house all the time.  That way, when I needed to have them settled down and kind of quiet, they were.  On occasion movie days were in order!!

Setting up something for them to do and then just sitting back and watching and listening is so helpful on those days when you just need to get through!

Another thing you could do is pull out those markers and paper that you have stashed away for just such a day.  What I would do is draw a simple picture, cars and vehicles were my specialty, and let them fill it in.  This will keep them busy for quite awhile!  Another thing I would do is draw a simple design and let them color it in.  For toddlers, tracing their hand or foot was the best thing!  They loved that!!

Now– here is a little secret that I discovered early on.  They know how you are feeling!

Yes, they absolutely do!  So if you are just a bit testy, they know.  If you are tired and crabby, they will know.   If you are holding a baby and you are feeling a bit cranky, they will get even more cranky!  They can tell!  If you are happy they are happy.  They are scared and nervous when you are scared and nervous.  They can feel what you are feeling.

Now, I understand that well, we can’t hide everything from our kids, it just doesn’t work.  But we CAN do our best to not let our emotions rule and try to talk through things with our kids.  Now , we can’t do it with a small child, but we can with an older child.  We can talk to our babies in a nice tone of voice.  We can meet their needs with a kind touch.  It is not their fault we are going through something hard so don’t act it out on them.  With an older child its ok to use simple non-accusatory language to explain what is going on.  “Mommy is really tired today, honey.”  Empathy is a great thing for kids to learn!

We have all been here at one time or another!!
We have all been here at one time or another!!

Kids also need to learn how to go through a hard time. So model what you want to see in your kids.

In the midst of whatever has you exhausted, keep your wits about you and do what ever you need to do to get through the day.  Your kids are looking up to you for guidance and when you are out of control, they are scared.  When you are exhausted already, you don’t need a child or several, freaking out on you too!

So, call a friend or a family member if you are at that point. Get the children someplace safe if you need to freak out!

Now, to get through the day, just make it through.  Its only a few more hours til bedtime!  Its perfectly ok to go to bed before your kids if your spouse is home.  Its perfectly ok to go to bed when your kids go to bed.  It is also ok for them to not have gotten a bath tonight.  They will survive one night without– even a couple of nights if need be.

These are great slow-cooker meal days.  By the time supper comes around, it will be really nice to not have to do one more thing!!

You can do this!!  I know you can!!

Just thought this one was funny!
Just thought this one was funny 





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