Off Topic

How about a Random Monday Post??

HAHAHA!!  I know.. Random Monday??!!

Well, I looked at the posts I have in the works and just don’t feel like working on them today!!

Random Monday seemed a bit more fun!!

Its laundry day.  Also Farrier day.  The computer downstairs quit so I am working on the “Demon Possessed” computer!  I also need to try to work at church today and get the kid with braces to the orthodontist.

Mondays just seem to fill up fast lately!!

The farrier for all of you that don’t know, is the person who comes and trims the horses hooves.  She does a great job.   She is so good with the horses.  Very patient when they get antsy.  She knows her stuff.  We have one that needs a bit more help because she has some foot issues and she is doing a great job working with that.

I have been doing Pilates.  Its a really good workout.  I guess I have needed to keep up with doing something since my body is kind of tired out right now and would really like to just take a nap!!  Core muscles are being discovered again!!

And I can’t really post any pictures today since I can’t figure out how to do that with this computer!!  Darn….  I have seen some really cute ones for Mondays.

We are wondering what to do if that computer is really done for.  Maybe I will just figure out how to use this one properly and not get  a big computer.  It just takes up a lot of room anyway.  I guess we will see what the hubby wants to do.

I guess I had better get that pile of laundry folded before the farrier gets here.

Have a random Monday!  Keep smiling– Tuesday is coming!!




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