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The Rope

The oldest- generally known as the ” little Red-Headed kid”,  got a length of rope from the hubby’s Uncle.  Oh my goodness did that length of rope get around!!  He used it for everything! I was continually surprised by what he would come up with to do with that rope.  I am continually surprised by the imaginations of my kids!!

He climbed up in the tree and used it to help him up.  He let it hang down for his sisters to tie stuff to it to bring up into the tree.  He tied up his sisters and neighbors when they played cops n robbers or cowboys and Indians.  They tied him up with it.  They played tug of war.  He went “fishing” with it from up in the tree fort.  (that day the tree fort was a huge boat!)  He used it to tie the pedal tractor to the wagon to give the other kids rides.  Puppies, kitties, horses, whatever… I think there was even an elephant at one point that was led around with that dirty, old rope.

You name it they played it with that rope.

I don’t really know what happened to it.  It seems to have just disappeared like so many things as they grow and mature.  Kind of like the toddlers “nuks”, or pacifiers.

Like so many memories of the kids as they grow, it makes me smile just to think about it.

That rope was more than just a 6 or so foot piece of rope.  If you would look at it, you would just see a very dirty, seemingly useless piece of rope.  Not long enough to do anything useful.  Too thick to tie properly to hold something tightly.

The Red-headed kid saw unlimited potential!

Funny how we look at things so differently.  As adults, we could not see and sometimes we just can’t see.  We are so stuck in the practical that we forget the impractical.  The usefulness of something seemingly useless.

Sometimes it takes our kids to open our eyes to the practicality of such things.

I laughed at the time and didn’t get it.  Now I look back and get it.  (Again with the hindsight… ?)  Anyone could see that it gave him a great deal of pleasure to play with that rope.  I got that part.  In fact, I loved that part!  I saw a side of him and his amazing imagination that helped me understand him just a little more.

The part I am getting now and being reminded of is this;  the impracticality of some actually important things.

Being impractical sometimes is not a bad thing.    We need to sometimes let go of the practical.  There is ALWAYS work to be done somewhere.  Sometimes its ok to just let it go and enjoy life, our families, the people God has put around us.  Our homes, our neighborhoods, our towns.

As a parent of many, I tend to get caught up in the practical every day workings of the cooking, cleaning, yard work, laundry.  The “I just cleaned this room how can it be messy again!???!!” mindset..  Really, we don’t have to be a parent of many to get caught up in that mindset.

Sometimes its just better to see the impracticality of spending time using my imagination and seeing the unlimited potential of those impractical things around me.  Sitting down and eating cookies and drinking milk together.  Walking out to the back of the yard and instead of starting to clear the brush, listen to them, play with them, encourage a little imagination in myself and them.  Build the forts with them.  Dig a hole in the yard not to plant something or put in a post but rather just to find the treasure!

Find that “piece of rope”, that seemingly impractical thing,  and unlock the potential!  Don’t be afraid to set aside the practical sometimes to be just a little impractical.

Its what ends up being the most remembered.  That is what I need to remember the most.




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