Life: A Great Adventure!

Did you ever think of that??

I have lots of times.

Its an adventure to go anywhere with 9 kids, give or take.  I like to think of them as my “Entourage”.

We do go lots of places together.  We kind of like hanging out as one big group.

When the oldest was a teen he hated it however because people looked at him and me and all the kids with us and thought he and I were  the parents.

Yes, we did catch the looks.  He didn’t go anywhere with us for a while there because of it.

We did go grocery shopping together for a long time.  Then they and I decided I had enough of that one and now I go mostly alone.  Its just kind of a pain when I have to bag the groceries, load the groceries, unload the groceries, put away the groceries…..  I like to have someone home so that at least the last part I don’t have to do!  And yes, we get a lot of groceries!  We like to eat!

They just got used to going to the store.  We had the occasional temper tantrum, but if you say no and stick to your no, they soon learn.  Also, I have left the store and disciplined someone who needed it.  It happens.  They learn.  The next time I have to go they don’t get to go.  Sometimes I didn’t get what I needed and had to go back another time.  It happens.   Its a pain to have to do that but it happens.

Its all part of the adventure really.

Going on adventures is something we just like to do.  We have been known to pack up and just go somewhere.  Its just kind of fun to see where we end up and what we end up doing.

Yes it costs us more to go places.  We tend to favor the cheap places or places where we can get a year family pass.  Like the zoo.  You can get a membership for a year for roughly half of what it would cost you to go once.  So we would go at least twice, but generally more.  The zoo is a fun place to go!

Parks are always fun to explore.  Especially new parks!  We drove 2 hours one summer day up the coast of lake Michigan to go to a beach that was new.  Parks are generally cheap or free.

I have gotten lost so many times.  It just ends up adding to the adventure!  We have found new places to see and explore that way.

Enjoy your life with the ones you have around you.  Make it an adventure!

What do you like to do to make your life with the people around you and adventure??




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