Off Topic

The Adventure Continues!

Blogging is quite an adventure I must say.  I have read lots of blogs over the last few weeks and found some I really like. “The Game of Diapers” is a great one to check out.  She is a working mom of 3 little ones.   She has some fun stuff to read!  “The Ugly Volvo”  just cracks me up!  She is a mom of 1 baby and a dog.  I believe she is also a comedienne.  Other ones are simple and just fun to read.  I never realized how many blogs there are out there!  Not to mention “100 days of Real Food” and “Frugal Living”..

Some people are even making money, serious money on their blogs!!

I am not even close.  I am not even sure I have 100 followers yet!!

But its ok.  I am learning.  Its a process.

Thanks so much for reading my blog posts and encouraging me to keep trying!

blessings on your day!



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