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Out with the Reinke’s

We do go out.  A bit more than we really should, but we like to go out.  I don’t have to cook they don’t have to clean up.  Its a win win.

As a bonus we provide free entertainment for the establishment!!!

Looks like mom n dad taking the kids to the restaurant!!
Looks like mom n dad taking the kids to the restaurant!!

Just try walking in to a restaurant and when they ask, “How many?” reply with something like, “Umm… I believe we have 13 today.”

Their eyes go wide and they go into a minor panic attack while they go quickly look for the manager to tell them how to breathe again and then its ok, just put about 15 tables together and find enough empty chairs and they will be fine….  Do we have enough silverware clean??

your not serious??  Oh dear!!
your not serious?? Oh dear!!


ok, past the eyes go wide and the minor panic attack, its a bit of an exaggeration.

But it is funny seeing the reactions sometimes.

Then we sit down and the youngers get the children’s menus.  All is fine.  Until I look up from my menu and see 3rd from the youngest with that upset look on his face because he is having to look at the children’s menu.  Oh the audacity of it all!!  So much for getting away with a slightly lower bill!!

So he can look at an adult menu- no he probably will not eat all of his food.  Don’t worry.  At our table, it will most certainly not go to waste!!  He has several older brothers.  Which means that the hubby and I will have no chance of getting any extras…  Oh well.  I need to lose weight anyways.

I used to make sure they got the ice cream I liked because I knew SOMEONE was gonna have to finish their cone!!  Then they started finishing their own and then the olders took the youngers cones when they couldn’t finish.  Now I don’t care if they get Blue Moon ice cream.

Seriously, I should be a stick by now!!!

Its so not funny..  the older ones eat all their food and spend the rest of the time eyeing up the other plates.  “You gonna eat that??”  Seriously, they just got their food?!?!!

Then there is the occasional trip to the coffee shop.  Wow that’s fun!!

hat it looks like when we head into the restaurant or coffee shop.
hat it looks like when we head into the restaurant or coffee shop.

Especially with the teen-age and young adult boys who have to have something extra large with extra everything and it ends up costing something like $20!!  That is a loud, entertaining for the rest of the customers kind of visit!!

Each one gives their order, the youngest 2 trying their best to get a venti triple espresso anything.  The oldest both talking to the youngers saying no you can have a kids hot chocolate or a steamer at the same time ordering their own and talking to the server.

I am in the middle of the bunch and several are saying “Mom can I have __________?”  I am saying over and over again “I will only pay $4! so whatever you want to get you have to make up the difference”.  So then they order their stuff and the person reads it all back to me.  Like I have any idea what the rest ordered!!  Is there 10 drinks?  Is mine in there?  Great.  Sounds close enough.

Oh and then they are conversing about whatever they had been conversing about in the midst of all of that without missing a beat.  The hubby is standing back in the corner trying not to be seen.  He doesn’t drink anything from a coffee shop.  No tea. No coffee.  No hot chocolate.  Weird.

Loud.  Obnoxious..  Family.

Seriously, though, I try to keep them under control and quieter..   For the most part they just tend to get a little loud.  They are not allowed out of their chairs once we get seated.  Running wild in the place is not acceptable. Neither is yelling.  We do what we can to keep some semblance of order.  Manners are expected, not hoped for.  Respect for others is demanded and you must give your order politely.  Even the youngest must give his or her own order in a clear voice and with respect.

They need to learn that we do not need to be rude, but we can be fun.  Our server is a person just like us.  Treat them as we would like to be treated.  Talk to them not AT them.  Encourage them and be kind to them.  Oh- usually for some odd reason, we end up with 2 servers.

We don’t need to leave them a terrible mess!  I would be furious if my kids left a huge mess in my kitchen after meals so I expect them to not leave a huge mess for the servers to clean up.  Sometimes accidents happen, I get that.  Drinks get spilled and what not.  So help clean it up.  Its your mess not theirs.

As I think about the road trip coming up, it will be quite a bit different I guess.  Only 5 kids.  No babies.  No colored all over with markers to keep him quiet just a little bit longer, toddler.  Kids that can have a bit more freedom and can watch each other.   This one might actually end up being a vacation!!  Restaurant visits that don’t cause the servers to panic.  Coffee shop visits that are typical…

I have waited a long time for that…..




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