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Doing the Daniel Plan Detox

Some of us in this house have begun a Daniel Plan Detox.  The rest are protesting the amounts of vegetables and lack of bread and sugary foods.  Sad.  I almost feel bad for them.

The Daniel Plan detox is a 10-40 day regimen of eating that eliminates sugars, processed foods, flours of all kinds, and dairy products.  It helps to bring balance to your body.  So many of us now are showing sensitivities to dairy products, flours and processed foods that is good to eliminate them all for a period of time just to see if any really do cause a problem to your body.

You can check it out for yourself at

So far, I am finding that I am eating more than I would normally, but it is unprocessed foods.   Yesterday I ate eggs for breakfast with avocado and tomatoes.  Then for lunch I had ham rollups with artichoke hummus and romaine leaves.  For a snack I had mixed frozen berries with cinnamon almonds.  Then for supper we had salad bar with homemade salad dressing and leftover lean roast beef.  I was full!!

I have actually lost 3lbs in the 3 days.  And I have to say, my body is still achy but it is improving.

fresh-vegetablesNo I am not making the kids do the detox too but they are having to eat what we are eating because I don’t make 2 meals.  There is food on the table. You have 2 choices at our house,  Take it or leave it.  So sadly, they are having to eat more vegetables than they would like.  Its not a bad thing.  Its good for them!

Will let you know how it all works out!

Blessings, vicki


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