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Mud Month

A little bit of March Madness.. In our sports illiterate home that means something totally different that the most of the rest of the U.S!  Typically in March the snow should start melting turning our beautiful property into a muddy mess.   A time of year affectionately known as “Mud Month”.   This year, it’s not looking like it will even start melting any time soon!  3 days into the month and we are on our second wind chill advisory!!  It is -4 this morning!!!  Oh– and we had 2 days of flurries that gave us 3 more inches of snow!


What is our there now is a layer of ice really.  A REALLY thick layer of ice!!  You can’t dig in it to make forts.  You can’t mold it into a snowman.   Its SOLID!!

Its gonna be awhile.

Sorry.  But its true.  It may be mid April this year before we have enough thawing to have a Mud Month…  Spring is coming.  Yes, that is for sure.  Just be patient.  Its gonna be a bit late.

Remember a couple years ago?  I do very well.  We were building a fence for horses at this time of year.  It was thawed, it was warm,  60’s as I recall.  It was wonderful.

Sometimes we have to endure til the end.  Sometimes we are blessed before we expect it.  You never know.  Just take what comes and enjoy it!

Personally, I am finally coming to understand that just because I am not up and moving, I am still working and doing something that is important.  I am finally coming to realize that it is ok to sit and read all those books I have piled up to read.  I can work on crocheting and writing.  I can sit and work on the budget and planning the gardens.  It is work too.

I am thanking God that I still have a few more weeks to finally really work on these things and get them done.  Soon, it really will be warm enough to get outside and start in the dirt.  Oh and clean that sunroom that has been the spot to come into the house and is by now a HUGE mess!  2 dead plants, water spills, dirt and mud and shavings, dirty boots, snowpants, and gloves.  Yea– Its a mess but why clean it before Mud month??

Then there are rugs to scrub that are full of salt and road dirt.  Windows to open and let fresh air in…

About that time too we will be getting ready for our Florida trip so all of those preparations will need to be done.

I will be too busy for books and crocheting.  I will make time for writing though because I will have to write about the dirt and horse part of this blog site!

This is one of my favorite pictures!
This is one of my favorite pictures!

Gardens are coming!!!  Be patient.  It is coming.  In the meantime, enjoy the time we have.

Barney enduring another snowy day.  The horses are patiently waiting too!!
Barney enduring another snowy day. The horses are patiently waiting too!!




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