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Doing the Daniel Plan Detox

fresh-vegetablesDay 5 today.  So far so good.  Actually doing really good.  I realized last night that I could do this all the time.  It is not hard nor is it odd foods we would not eat normally.  Its just not grains or dairy.

Last night for supper we had roasted vegetables with olive oil and salt.  I roasted asparagus, carrots, sweet potatoes and beets.  It was delish!! We ate all of them!  Not just hubby and I but all the kids too!  They liked them.  I made hamburgers with onions, peppers and celery.

Now, hamburgers were not on the list but turkey burgers were.  I don’t have ground turkey in the freezer, I have whole turkeys.  I do have ground beef from the steer we bought last fall.  That, I figure, is more healthy than the ground beef you would find in Walmart so I went with it.

We used the homemade mayo that my friend gave me, and added homemade pickles.  The kids made sandwiches with their burgers.  It was a good meal.

I realized then that we could do this.  Its much healthier and actually, I didn’t have that stomach ache that I get after eating hamburgers on a bun.   I felt pretty good last night!

I am noticing that my body pains are diminishing.  Just a bit so I am hesitant to write this.  We will give that a few more days.

The foods we are eating are good and are a variety.  My daughter and I made a black bean soup the other night that we all actually really liked!  I used my home made chicken broth as a base and we went from there.  It was loosely based on a black bean soup recipe that was in the Daniel Plan book.  Very loosely.  It had the 2 cans of black beans in it.  We sautéd up onions, garlic and carrots and threw them in.  We put in bay leaf, a rosemary sprig, salt and pepper.  Then added parsley because it needs to be used up, broccoli and kale.  Let that heat through and served it.  It was delish!!  The reviews from the kids were actually mostly positive!  We also had some gluten free tortilla chips, which when I read the label actually were ok to eat!  I was a bit surprised, but they were just cornmeal and oils.

The plan and the goal of this is to eat more whole foods, less processed foods and foods that are non-inflammatory.  So any processed sugars and flours are out.  Foods that have a lot of ingredients are out.  Foods that have ingredients that I cannot pronounce are out.

All of this to bring us back to eating the way we should be eating.

Blessings on your day!



7 thoughts on “Doing the Daniel Plan Detox

    1. not necessarily. I did get a detox plan for free. I don’t remember where. Check out The Daniel Plan website for more information.


  1. It is, I am finding helpful. I did actually buy the book. I had the detox plan that I got from some free offer. The book has a lot of helpful information along with more recipes. There is also a TON of stuff available on the website.


  2. I bought the book too, and thought it was good. I’ve also read Thin Within, which is another spiritually-based health plan. The book that has made the most impact on me, however, has been Inflammation Nation by a guy named Childers. I developed fibromyalgia in 2013, and then suspected RA. I read Childers’ book, and it prompted me to really overhaul my diet. After three months, my blood work was normal. Inflammation is at the root of so many illnesses. The standard American diet is terrible. BTW, I’m popping in from the a-z challenge! Come visit me, if you’d like:


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