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Sleepless in Richfield

So I have been looking for something in my old journals.  I have been keeping journals for a long time and they are not exactly organized to find what I want, when I want it!!

We have all been here at one time or another!!
We have all been here at one time or another!!

I was reminded of something that I hadn’t really thought about in awhile.  I had LOTS of sleepless nights!  Every few days there was an entry that said something like “couldn’t sleep last night”.  Or kids couldn’t sleep or baby awake most of the night. Or name two or more kids “were sick and we were up all night”.   My personal favorite: ” I was awake all night except for some time between 1 and 330.  I have no idea why.”

Its a miracle that we have gotten this far!!

How in the world did I do that and keep going??

I woke up this am early because Julia woke me.  Of course I was so sound asleep I could only barely register that someone was at my bed.  It wasn’t until she left and went back to her own bed did I wake enough to respond to her.  When I finally woke up this am, it was rough getting going!!  I was awake for a whole hour in the night!!


Back then I had been awake most of the nights for about 18 years!!!  I was so used to it!  If someone came to my bed or the baby cried, I was up and ready for whatever needed to be done!!

One of my kids was famous for the “stare into mom’s face until she jumps awake” trick!  To make it work properly, you have to be inches from her face.  Oh my goodness that one drove me nuts!!  Every time that child did that,  I think I had a minor heart episode!!

During that time, the kids were sick almost all the time. I was pregnant or nursing someone and also babysitting somewhat regularly.

I couldn’t wait until nap times!!!

This is kind of funny, and I only really did it that one time, but one night the 3 oldest I believe it was just could not sleep.  I couldn’t either.  So we went downstairs and had milk and cookies in the living room.  It was the middle of the night and we were eating milk and cookies!!!!  We chattered and laughed and had a fun little party.  Eventually, we did all go back to bed and slept the rest of the night just fine.  I have no idea to this day, why that happened.  It never happened again.  But it was a fun memory I have.

In my house typically, milk and cookies and a movie is not what happens when you wake up at night.  What usually happens is the least lights possible go on, preferably none.  Whatever is needed is taken care of as best we can, babies fed, diapers changed, medicines administered, bathroom steamed up, whatever may be needed. All is done with the least amount of lights possible and as minimally stimulating as possible.  My goal was to get them back to bed not keep them up longer.

Remember I had been awake multiple nights, my goal is always to get back to sleep!!

We had paths through the house that we walked to walk babies who wouldn’t be consoled.  We had tricks we could try to get them to quiet down and go to sleep.  The football hold.  The walk and bounce.  The rock and sing and doze and hope the baby finally quieted enough to fall asleep.  The white noise– dryer running, static on the tv or radio.  Sometimes those things worked.  Most times not so much.. Most of the time we just did what we could to get through until this passed and we could all fall asleep.

The biggest challenge to all of that was to keep yourself from losing it.  Once you did, I quickly learned, it was right back to square one or worse. That did not help anything!

Sometimes I had to give it over to the Hubby. I tried not to as much as I could since he was working 10 hour or more days.  But sometimes, well, it was just in everyone’s best interest to give it up to the Hubby.

Well I am very glad those days are pretty much over.  An occasional sleepless night I can deal with.  Now, I can spend some time praying and then take some melatonin!!  I don’t have to worry about getting someone else to sleep!!  It is so nice!!

I really never thought that there would be an end to it.  It just seemed that it would go on and on.  Well Praise God, it has ended and a new season has begun!!  Sometimes I think those days went to fast.  Other times I read in my journals and am reminded of what was going on in those days.  Praise God they went fast!!

blessings on your day!



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