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Daniel Plan Update 3

10 days today.  51kGw0U2R1L

For me, I am feeling good overall.  Less tired and more motivated to get up and get moving.  The sunshine and warmer days are definitely helping there!!!

Weight loss:  we just won’t discuss that part…  still only 5lbs. Its something I guess, but still staying in the range I have been at for years.  Down though is a much better direction.  We will see what happens after 21 days I guess.

Exercise:  I am gingerly starting to add more movement in my routine.  I say gingerly because the plantar faciitis is still raging and the legs are still pretty tender.  So far, a gently done beginner pilates is going well.  Walking is better with the inserts in my shoes and I was able to get a pair of boots that I can wear out and about and get wet and muddy.  I will get inserts for them today before I wear them out the first time.

Foods:  have been really good.  Still eating mainly fruits and vegetables and whole foods. I did try a congo bar recipe yesterday that was a major fail, but still edible.  I did make it gluten free.  I am still of the opinion that I could do this on a regular basis, but I would have to say, last weekend I really struggled with the wanting sugary treats.  I didn’t eat anything I couldn’t, but I really thought about it and was able to find things that were acceptable on the plan.

For example, I have a recipe for a peanut butter and banana smoothie that hit the spot.  I have some dark chocolate covered fruits that were perfect.  I only ate a handful a day, which is still fine.  Also, the congo bar fail, was just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth and still be acceptable in the plan.

Still sticking with this.  Reading the book though, has been eye opening for me. I don’t have time right now to quote the book, but I would say, if you can get the book, do so!!  Its got a lot of really good stuff in it!!  Plus, recipes.





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