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You Would Not Believe How Many Cars I Have Driven Over the Years!


Like almost every other American child, I started driving at age 16.  I should not have.  I will not go into all of those stories, its just best to not.  Some things should be left to die.

My first car was about the size of my 15 passenger van.  It was a 4 door, Ford LTD.  I could probably have put 4 more friends into my trunk!  No,  Mom,  I didn’t!!  It survived me and was handed down the line to my sister.

Mine was baby blue.
Mine was baby blue.

My next car, well, I should say, I could have had this car next.  But I didn’t think I could drive it.  It was a stick shift and it was really a nice car.  I didn’t think I could.  So I didn’t try for it.  It was a fast little Datsun 280z.  I don’t know how fast, I never tried driving it. It was a stick and I was a bit intimidated by a stick shift, at the time.  Besides, it was much to nice of a car for me!!  I thought then.  Now, I am so mad at myself for not trying for it.  On the other hand, I was such a wild child, that I probably would have killed myself in that car!!

Well, anyways… I did buy a little gray Chevy Citation.  I safe little 4 cylinder car.  Then I wrecked that one and got another huge car.  It was a Ford Thunderbird.  I also got a new husband in the same time period, so then began the really long list of cars!Chevy Citation

Mine was brown and I think was just like this one!
Mine was brown and I think was just like this one!

Next, there was a Mercury Lynx.  This was my first stick shift car and I learned that I really liked driving with a stick shift!!  That car was really fun to drive.  My brother got it next when he needed a car.

Mine was a faded out red color but in about this shape after my brother had it awhile...
Mine was a faded out red color but in about this shape after my brother had it awhile…


Then I had a Ford Escort wagon that was also a stick shift.  It was a four door so much easier to put a carseat into. Still fun to drive.  Next, I got a Ford Bronco with a lift kit in it and larger tires.  I thought I was something in that truck! I was sassy!!  Annnndd…. probably shouldn’t have been able to drive that!!!  Now we had 2 kids in carseats and another on the way so it was time to get something more appropriate.

Yep… Time for me to grow up and join the big kids…..

You guessed it, we got our first mini-van.  It was a Dodge, much to my father’s dismay.  My husband however, was thrilled that it was a Dodge! Yes, in our family, there are car brand fights.  Always friendly, but there are the arguments and heated discussions about Ford verses Chevy.  Dodge– well that was just unacceptable!!

Mine was similar to this one but was brown and yellow.
Mine was similar to this one but was brown and yellow.
Our first mini van..
Our first mini van..

The Dodge came home and we had 3 kids in carseats in the mini-van.  Then we made my dad happy and got a second mini-van.  I don’t remember how or why, we just did.  My husband is a mechanic- its part of the job I think…hehe….He just “acquires” vehicles.  So we had temporarily, a blue Chevy Astro van.  UGLY!!!  Yea that one left pretty quickly, thank GOD!!!!

Then there was a Toyota pickup, that I never drove.  A Dodge Shadow that I did drive for awhile.  Funny story about the Shadow.  We left on a vacation and when we came back, a tree had fallen and landed right on the Shadow!!!  Smashed it!!!  The hubby’s truck, right next to it, which he would have lost his marbles if it fell on it, had not a scratch from the tree!  Someone still bought the car for parts.  Engine parts, not body parts!!!

Then a Saturn- with a SUNROOF!!  My first car with a sunroof! Loved that part! Hated that it leaked horrendously!!  There was another white Escort wagon for awhile. By far the nicest car I had ever had was a Dodge Stratus.  That car was from my in-laws.  I loved that car- it was SO nice!!  I was so sad when that car was totaled by someone who blew a stop sign..  We all were fine, just really shook up.

what the Hubby really wanted at the car show!!
what the Hubby really wanted at the car show!!

Oh- I forgot… By now, we had seriously outgrown the mini-van and moved into the 12 passenger van- our first. The Hubby seriously wanted a really nice, cool looking vehicle.  Like a Chevy Suburban.  He practically drooled over them!  I on the other hand would have been the one driving it, and I wanted a passenger van.  So, we went to the car show.  He looked over very carefully every cool looking more than 7 passengers vehicles.  Suburban still on his list, certain I would see things his way once I saw them all together at the car show.    I was/am kind of stubborn.  It’s a gift. heheh…  There was a little Dodge passenger van waaayyy at the back of the room, behind the Cool Cars.  I found that and about jumped for joy!  It was the most basic model with no carpet and vinyl seats.  He was so dejected..  I said so excitedly and with the practicality of a Mom of many kids, “If it gets dirty, we can just hose it out!! ”  He was, well, let’s just say, he didn’t agree.

This little vehicle made my head turn!!
This little vehicle made my head turn!!


We did agree on cloth seats and carpet though and the first passenger van was purchased.  I loved it!  It was green and we could fit 8 comfortable and have room for the UNGODLY amount of groceries we used to feed this bunch!!

Then, we got a bit too big for our van.  We sold that and he brought home, the ugliest, 15 passenger Dodge van I had ever seen!  Worse yet, the gas gauge was incorrect.  I drive til there are fumes and I rely on the gas gauge to be close at least. This one was way off and I had to pay attention to that because one day a block from the house, I ran out of gas with groceries in the van.  (always, it seems there would be groceries in the van!!)  So needless to say, very soon, I got a new van!!  Well, as always, new to us!!!  It was a 15 passenger Ford van!  It was perfect!!  We are still driving that one 10 years later!  Recently, it got a makeover and is good for another 10 or so years!

I forgot about the really ugly “custom” van.  Remember those?  curtains, ladder on the back, bucket seats and velour??  Yea.. Drove one of those as little as possible because it was just UGLY!!!!

I didn’t even mention all the trucks that the Hubby has had over the years!  He did have his suburban for a while.  Mostly, pickups and vehicles that he built himself out of parts of this or that.  If I were to add that and then all the kids’ cars!!  I just don’t have enough time!!

That’s really how we have had so many over the years.  He picks them up when others don’t want to fix them because it would cost them too much.  He can fix them and he has the resources to get the parts reasonable so we have vehicles that are cheaply purchased and fixed.

So, now we have several vehicles in our fleet!!  We have 2 fun cars, a Porsche that the Hubby drives for fun in the summer. I have a little Ford Mustang convertible.  We take them on family Cruises.  Other people get on boats, we take several cars and drivers, we have several now.  Its great family time!!  We laugh, compete a little, and razz each other about driving skills or lack of…. the Hubby's cruiser

We have a little Jeep that needs to find a new home, a Chrysler Sebring convertible, that I may have to keep because it is really fun to drive, but could find a new home.  We have a Trailblazer now too that could find a new home.  Although I just drove it for the first time yesterday and I kind of like it.  We will see…

But if we sell all of those, I could potentially get a vehicle that I could pick out.  That might be fun!!  Not sure yet what that would be, but I am keeping my eyes open!!

As an side, none of these pictures are of our actual vehicles. I went to Bing images and found them all.  It took WAY less time than if I sifted through our BOXES or cd’s of pictures!!  No, I am definitely not gifted in the area of scrapbooking and organizing pictures!  If anyone wants the job, have at it!  It is not my gifting!!

What is your favorite vehicle?  What do you recommend I look for?




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