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Parenting: One on One

It was just 2 of us for dinner last night.  Now that was weird!  Everyone else was gone doing whatever they had to do..

That left just me and one of the middle-schoolers.

That so rarely happens, I really didn’t know what to do!  But I was able to listen to that child talk and talk….

I loved that part…  When he is not in the midst of a young teens hormonal moods, he is fun to be around!!  Last night, he was in a good mood! I have been taking advantage of the good mood and enjoying it while I have it.  It may leave again at any given moment.

One on one time isn’t scheduled around here, it just kind of happens. I know, I know.. All the good parents schedule time with each of their kids regularly.

Now you know what kind of parent I am. Not the good parent.

We try to spend quality time with them all.  We just don’t schedule it.

When I was homeschooling there was plenty of time with them, and with each of them. Now, they are gone all day.  Some go to their friends house, or outside or hide out in their rooms (which by the way, is discouraged as much as possible.)  after school, leaving me with just about an hour to spend at night with them.

To be honest, I am not sure I like that.  For the most part they seem to be doing pretty well at school.  Their grades are good and they are making friends so that is a good thing.

It drives me nuts sometimes to be around them all the time.  They irritate each other and me.  Weirdly enough, I love it!  Its too quiet around here lately…

But they have a day off tomorrow.

I should be ready for them to go back to school Monday.  20130613_081337

Blessings on your day!!!



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