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My Crazy Life!!!

So it was kind of a crazy weekend around here.  I know what your thinking.  Which weekend is NOT a crazy weekend around here!!  katiedaisy_1

Friday 2 extras were dropped off for the weekend.  Their parents went on a retreat.  All was going fine until I ran out to get my hair cut.

It was my own fault I didn’t think about that as I planned supper.  I was making supper and then remembered that I had made the appointment to get my hair cut.  It was an “emergency”!!  I had been trying to grow out my hair and that week I hadn’t been able to do anything with it.  Nothing. I was looking terrible!!  So Friday afternoon I suddenly realized it was the weekend and I “needed” to get my hair cut.  Which ended up being at dinner time.


So when I got home, I found the vegetables burned black and my pan also.  I found a cranky husband and a houseful of starving kids.  I was also starving because it was a busy afternoon and I didn’t eat anything since I lunch.   Good planning there Mom….

Saturday was much better. I realized that I had a bible study that am.  Again, with the poor planning…  It just slipped my mind and I hadn’t put it on the calendar.  Whoops…I had a houseful of kids.  I had even 1 more and then the neighbor kids too.  I waved as I left the Hubby in charge.  They were all playing fine outside.  There was only 9 kids playing in the yard!!  I was only gonna be gone for 2 hours.

When I got home I made some lunch and I did eat the pizza with them.   I was a bit cranky because I had and have not lost any weight in over a week.  That is discouraging when you are really trying…  So I ate pizza and then later made congo bars and ate some of the batter.  When I am having a bad week, as this past week was, congo bar batter or brownie batter is the go to!

Yea…  I blew it.  Sunday I got back on track there.

Back to Saturday..  I didn’t bother cleaning anything because the kids were in and out all day and it was warm and muddy.  The dogs came in soaked and muddy. The kids came in soaked and muddy.  I kept trying to dry boots, but they just put them back on and went back outside…  Which is so good as they hadn’t been able to just run outside and play for awhile as it has been soooooooo cold this winter!!

Now, to be clear, I was not crabby or angry at ANY of the kids, the dogs maybe, but the kids no. They were great!
I was irritated about the week in which I was supposed to be feeling better after not eating wheat products or dairy and only eating vegetables and fruits and some meats.  I was sick last week for a day or so.  I felt the same as I have always felt.  The feet and legs were not any different.  And worst of all, I weighed the same as I had for the last 2 weeks!  Oh, and then we measured and those were the same as 1 year ago when I measured after working for 6 months trying to lose!!

The Hubby, who has been doing the same thing, has lost a pound a day, is sleeping better, feeling better and is not falling asleep on us all every time he sits down.  And is only drinking 1 soda a day.  And going out to eat and eating wraps or subs.  With bread.  And cheese.

Its just not right.

I know… I should not compare myself to a man when it comes to losing weight and eating healthy..  They can just decide to lose weight and quit drinking soda and lose 2olbs, go down 3 pants sizes and look great.

Women decide to lose weight, quit eating everything sugary, dairy, wheat products and eat salads and fruits.  And lose 5lbs and stay there..  Eventually maybe my clothes may fit a little better as I work out 6 days a week.

Its just not fair…

So that was my irritation.  The kids- all of the extras and the mud and such??!!  A day in the life really.  One shooting the other in the forehead with an airsoft beebee?  Well, you play the game you will get shot.  That’s just what happens..  Another, gets hit with a nerf sword?  Yea…  there again, though they are nerf, they still hurt.  It happens when you pull those things out.

The mud and wet boots?  Muddy dogs?  A  part of life at this time of year.  I will clean when the mud dries!  Sometime in May or so!!

My favorite pan, burned black from vegetables?  That was indeed irritating because I use that pan every day!!  I was able to get most of it out with a tablespoon of dishsoap, an inch of water and boiling the mixture then simmering it for 15 minutes.  By the way, have the windows open for that one!

Sunday was better.  I took 5 kids to church and the Hubby took 2 to breakfast at Grandpa’s.  We met up at the college for a performance for 4h which one of the kids was in. He did great by the way.  They did a Sound of Music thing which was great!

1959638_10203146105271613_1576714104_nThe weekend ended with dinner out.  I was able to stay on track with the gluten-free menu and we had a good dinner together..  I am not giving up on the eating healthy.  I know that I need to add in working out more.  If I lose weight or not, I need to just exercise and get fit.

Today, I catch up on the cleaning up and laundry.  Also, writing.  Its so quiet around here now.  Kind of takes me a day or 2 to re-adjust.

Enjoy your day today!  I hope your weekend was amazing!!




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