Off Topic

Tooth Pains SUCK!!!!

On a good note: I have lost 4lbs.  Maybe more today I didn’t look.

I have not really eaten anything solid since last Thursday.  My thoughts of just eating ice cream during this time have been dashed, since I don’t feel good enough to even WANT ice cream..

I KNOW!!  Who DOESN’T want ice cream!!

My mouth is still tender and sore from the wisdom tooth.  And even better, now I seem to have a cavity or something going on in the same side in my upper teeth.


I am kind of tired of this…


Oh– And today I captured a loose horse all by myself!!  The neighbors horse came to visit this morning– of course it would be early.   But I have already been outside early this morning because I woke up at 430 with tooth pain and realized that the chicken coop was still open from yesterday.


So I got up and closed that- they all seemed cold but fine.  Got some more ibuprophen- my current friend as the percoset  just made me nauseous.

Hopefully, by the end of this week all will be better….

Blessings on your day!





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