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Just Yet another Crazy Day in My Life!!!

This day went from weird to even weirder!!

What a MONDAY!!  It started at 430, as I wrote yesterday, with waking up with tooth pain and remembering the chicken coop was left open.  Then when I got out of bed at 7, there was a horse running through my back yard.

My friend laughed when she read about this stuff and said, “Only in your extraordinary life my dear!!”katiedaisy_1

And then it got really weird!

Horse daughter was babysitting, which meant that I had an extra little girl and her dog at my house.  And my face was hurting from the tooth pain.

The 3 dogs disappeared this morning for a while.  Whoops… Turns out they were harassing the neighbors and their dog.  Sorry neighbors!!  I was busy and in pain and watching the little girl and  just forgot they were out there..  My fault.

Face is still hurting and throbbing…  Ibruprophen helping not quite enough…  I kept thinking it was a cavity because it was in the upper where I had had no work done last Friday.  I guess I was just not thinking clearly at all today…  So I never called them about it.  Just called my usual dentist.  Whoops..

Then later, Turbo comes in and wants help taping yet another injured finger.  Great.  3rd one that needs taping and serious bandages and possibly even stitches in 2 weeks.  This one got 2 stitches.  I am seriously thinking about bubble wrap for this kid!  Maybe a new career would be in order!!  Auto mechanics seems a little too hazardous for this one.

I get him situated there with all the paper work and such for a work injury and head to my dentist.

After x-rays and some discussion he concludes that this pain in my face is a dry socket.  Whoops, again…  I should have just called the surgeon who did the work.  So Sorry..  I guess I have not been thinking very clearly…

I get home from the dentist and am chilling on the couch starting to feel a little bit better, when Horse Daughter and her friend, the little Girl, and 3 FILTHY DIRTY MUDDY DOGS come in from their trip to the dog park!!  Seriously??!!!!!!!!!!!  Not only once but 3 times when others accidentally let them in!!  TODAY???? REALLY??!!!!!

She has them all at her job tonight where they are all getting a thorough bathing!!

Oh, and can I add that someone posted on their facebook page about today being a chapter in your life- write it well and make a difference.  My immediate thought was, I am done writing this chapter thank you very much!

Tonight is finally better.  The kitchen table was full of people laughing talking joking and having a good time.  I love that.  That is the way to end a day that I just want to forget about…

Face is feeling better with the stuff the dentist put in the socket.   PRAISE GOD!!!  I feel normal (well as normal as I ever get..) again!!!

Tomorrow is a new day.  Its gonna be a good one!  His Mercies Are New EVERYDAY!!  Thank You Lord for that amazing promise from your word!!  I am clinging to that one tonight!!

Blessings on your day!!!







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