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He is my Shepherd

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You know how sometimes a phone call from a friend can just make your day??  I just had that happen. I was wallowing and thinking just a bit too much and thereby not getting anything productive done, when a good friend called me and made me laugh.  It worked!!  Thanks sweet friend!!

So I am here working on my blog productively again.  I have been pondering something I read this morning about finding your passions, your voice so to speak.  Something I have been working on as I blunder along in the world of blogging and writing.  Writing is something I have enjoyed doing for years, but never really thought of myself as a writer.  People who are writers have people who actually READ their stuff right??

Well, I suppose I have been practicing all along but never really thought I would actually write something someone- even that one person who is not in my family who reads all of my posts.  Good bad and ugly!!  hahahaa!!  I love that person!!

Anyways– here is something I found yesterday as I hesitantly read Psalm 23.  I really didn’t want to read it because in the Christian world, it is so cliche’..  Everyone reads this Psalm, memorizes it and spends hours pondering it.  Now I love the Psalms just as much as the next person, but I just didn’t want to do it. Personally, Psalm 8 is the one God usually speaks into my heart.

Yesterday, this is the one I read:


Psalm 23

23 The Lord is my shepherd,
I [a]shall not want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures;
He leads me beside [b]quiet waters.
He restores my soul;
He guides me in the [c]paths of righteousness
For His name’s sake.

Even though I walk through the [d]valley of the shadow of death,
I fear no [e]evil, for You are with me;
Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.
You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;
You [f]have anointed my head with oil;
My cup overflows.
[g]Surely goodness and lovingkindness will follow me all the days of my life,
And I will [h]dwell in the house of the Lord [i]forever.

I copied this from  Its a great resource, there is so much there that can help with Bible studies.

I read this Psalm as I drank my coffee.   I pondered it as I tend to when I am reading scripture.  I thought about how calming this Psalm is.  I don’t have to worry about anything, God’s got it covered.  It brought me back to center, especially as I pondered this:  God is our SHEPHERD.  He is with us always.  He is guiding us.  He causes peace, righteousness and  restores to us all that we need.

Then I read this.  It is from a book of decrees by Elizabeth A. Nixon.  She searched the Hebrew, biblical and English translations of the Psalms and elaborated on them using what she learned from Hebrew and biblical translations to make a more complete translation of the Psalms.  It is beautiful and each one I have read has been awesome!!

The Lord Jehovah is my shepherd.  I shall not want for anything.  He makes me rest and lie down in green pastures and wide open places. 

He leads me beside quiet waters.  His ways are calm, and they restore my soul.  He guides me tenderly and gently upon paths of right thinking, right feeling, and right behaving. 

Even though I walk through I walk through the valleys, through shadows and dark places, I have nothing to fear, and fear has no place in me, for the Eternal One is with me. 

His rod of authority and His guiding rod of protection console and comfort me, bringing me ease.  In plain view of my enemies and those positioned against me– He lays out my defense and displays His weapons of victory.

The Lord Jehovah Himself anoints me.  My mind, will and emotions are flooded with His Spirit. His goodness and tender compassion pursue me, causing me to flourish in every season of my life. 

I make my home within the inner, private chamber of Jehovah Himself. 

Within the security of HIs personal household– always.

Reading this just really made my day!  Even rereading this now as I write brings me back to Him.  I recognize that no matter what He is with me.  He guides me tenderly and carefully, as a loving, considerate Father guides his most loved child.  Have you ever watched a father- a really good, tender father, guide and protect his child or children?  I have.  Its beautiful to watch.  Think about that and then realize that Father God is even MORE than that!!

We are flawed and make mistakes and miss things.  Papa God does not.  Never.  I can be secure knowing that He is with me, He has my back and He wants the best for me.

I don’t have to wallow.  I don’t have to worry.  I don’t have to manipulate.  I can just leave things in His hands.

Now, to be clear;  This certainly does not mean I can just sit back in my favorite chair and do absolutely nothing.  No.  That means that whatever is happening in my life, I don’t have to manipulate or worry about.  I still have to work, clean and cook.  I still have to take care of my property, my animals and my vehicles.  I have to budget my money wisely.  I have to eat healthy and exercise.

I do have to do my part.

But God is on my side.  Always.

I can rest in that knowledge as I go about my days…

Thank You LORD for being with me.  Always.  Thank you Lord for being my perfect Papa God who watches over me and my family.

Blessings on your day!



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