Off Topic

I think I have created a MONSTER!!!


I didn’t mean to.  It just seemed like a fun idea.  It turned out to be GREAT fun!!



I blew it..

I missed 4 of them.

I am in so much trouble..

See back in November, for out 2 November birthdays, I thought it would be really fun to do a scavenger hunt for their birthday presents.  It works like this; we gathered for supper.  Then I had made up a bunch of subjects they could look for and put them down on pieces of paper, which I then put into a bowl.  On that one, they just picked one and had to buy something for one or the other.  Subjects were things that were less than $20 and were just fun ideas.  For example, one was “buy something round”.  Another was “go to the Dollar Store and buy something there”.

We had so much fun and we laughed, and we are STILL laughing about that one!  One got fake hair extensions.  He wore them.  One got “Buns of Steel” vhs tapes from Goodwill!!  He definitely is not the exercise type!!

Well, then it was Christmas and one has a birthday at that time.  The next has one right after New Years.  The next two are on the same day at the end of the month.

None of them got the scavenger hunt.  There is where the problem lies.

Last night, we did the scavenger hunt for the last kid birthday we have until September, which we refer to as the beginning of our “Birthday season”.  Hehe…

I was informed that the previous 4 did not get a scavenger hunt.  Nor did they even get presents!  I did set that part straight, they all got something..  Just not the scavenger hunt.

They want the scavenger hunt.

Since we have only 2 weeks til we leave on our vacation, (2 WHOLE WEEKS IN FLORIDA!!!)  we have to get it done this weekend.   I should be back in their good graces after this weekend.

Whew…. I was worried….

However, I did remind the oldest 2 that they were the only ones to have several themed birthday parties.  Yes, I did actually do them at one time.  They were not Pinterest worthy, but they were themed birthday parties nonetheless.  That I did for the first 4.  After that I just didn’t have the energy for them!  The next ones just got to have a friend or 4 over and had cake and ice cream.

Last night, we did the youngest boys scavenger hunt.  He had been hounding me all week that he wanted the scavenger hunt.  He didn’t let me forget that one!!

Some of his subjects to buy were “buy something green”, “buy something for $15”, “buy something unusual”.

It was a blast!!   Here are some pictures from last nights events.

20140330_195954Ice cream cake.  What better way to celebrate a birthday than ice cream cake!  Especially since I forgot to buy a cake mix and then went to a movie before the party…

some of the loot!
some of the loot!
another pic of the loot.
another pic of the loot.

20140331_084717Finally, the picture of most of his loot:  Something Green, Something Unusual, Something from the Dollar Store, and Something Minecraft themed.  Note the Palm and the James Michener book.  Really???  James Michener???   For a 10 year old??  Yea..  His brothers are something else sometimes!!  The ones who bought the nerf crossbow took it out of the box and shot him with it when he opened the box to find it missing!

Yea..  big brothers can be irritating!  But fun!!

I will try to tell you about the next one next week.  I am sure it will be just as fun!




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