Off Topic

Getting down to the Wire!!!

I don’t know what happened to March!!  Lots happened, yes I know that but it went by so fast!

Now we are getting down to the wire and I have to start getting things together for the trip that is only now 10 days away!

It seemed so far away just a couple of months ago when we started planning it.

I did get some time to go through my bins of clothes for the kids last night.  Of course, I have NOTHING for the youngest girl.  The boys are pretty much set- I have a HUGE pile of shorts for them, plus the ones they have in their rooms.  They all have swimsuits so that is good.

The hubby and I should be good too.

I will work on lists today and may post them tomorrow so you have an idea of what I try to do to keep organized.

I also am leaving the Friday before we actually leave on our big trip to go to a horse fair for 2 days. We bought tickets for that before we got wind of this trip.   There are 2 nights of RODEO this year!!  That will be fun, but that means I have to have everything ready on Thursday before we leave.  We will have some time to get together any last minute things on Sunday, but the bulk of it has got to be ready Thursday.

The Disney tickets should be coming in the next few days.  Can’t wait to get them in hand– hoping I don’t forget to pack them !!!!  My biggest worry!!

I am so excited for fresh produce and seafood!!!!  And WARMTH!!!!!!!

Its been a long winter!

Having a hard time keeping out of the gardens and redoing and such, but its just too early and too wet yet!  Its a mess out there! Its been a hard winter!

2 whole weeks!

When we get back I should be able to get back into the dirt!

10 more days!  So excited for the fun things going on this month!!




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