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My First Draft List For Vacation

Dear all of my dear sweet friends who love me and know that I am not known for my administrative qualities,

Here it is, a chart I made myself on the computer!  I know… I know… You didn’t think I could do such and organized thing but here it is!!

Everyone has an administrative gift dormant inside of them until vacation comes!!

Well, I do anyways!!  It comes out on occasion, not just for vacations.  No, I don’t have the vacation planned out day by day, hour by hour.  No.  No…  You can’t do that and have FUN!!  Besides, the Hubby and PA daughter are best known for those kinds of things!!

I CAN however, make sure that we hopefully remember everything we need to take with us and that is where my lists come in handy.  This time, because  I knew I wanted to post it here, I did it on the computer complete with a chart and everything.  I will be printing up a copy to mark up as I begin to pack and prepare everyone for the trip.

By the way, the tickets came today!!!  HOOORAYY!!!  We are REALLY GOING TO GO TO DISNEY!!!!!! DEBT FREE!!!!

I sorted through all the stored clothes this week and found that I have a small mountain of shorts for the boys, and NOTHING for the youngest girl!  DANG!!!  I usually stock up at rummage sales for the next seasons, but apparently I didn’t last year for this coming summer.  But then, we had no idea that we would need summer clothes so early this season!

So off to the store we will go tonight looking for summer clothing and working through our shopping list, which is on the chart too!!  This list is not yet complete, I am sure that it will be added to as I go along.  But it gets me on track and thinking about what needs to go.







Clothing: Personal items:


For the drive: Other: Shopping list:
Each person should have: Hair brush/comb


Blanket/pillow Phone/kindle/nook chargers  shorts/shirts
7 shirts+1 dressy shirt Shampoo/conditioner books tickets socks
7pr underwear Toothbrushes/toothpaste Kindle n charger sunglasses leggings
7 shorts Hairspray/mousse Nook n charger Beach towel?? Cooler for the van
7pr socks Essential oils- Ds n chargers Backpacks/lunchbox  Shorts, boxers, socks, flip-flops?
2-3pr pajamas Ibuprophen cards Ice packs  
2-3pr pants Vitamins/supplements Small toys Water bottles  
2 sweatshirts medications Crayons/markers    
Swimsuit Sun lotion/tanning oil Drawing books    
Deodorant and any other needed personal items like hair things First aid supplies- aloe vera Simple games

Bags from gma




2pr shoes- 1- tennis shoes, 1 flip flops   Cassette to play phones through the radio    
Belt   Books on tape    


Foods to take along:    
eggs Lunchmeat/cheese Coffee filters- at the condo
Bacon/sausage Pb n j honey
cookies Mayo- small container Trail mix
Some tea mix bread  
Coffee/teas?? fruit  
snacks vegetables  
Applesauce Drinks/water/juice  

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