News From the Home Front

Its been a  really good day!

Lots done today.  I worked on packing, cleaned the bathrooms, worked on the budget and got some quality time outside!

Tired tonight but it feels good to get so much accomplished today!

I had to do chores today again since the young lady who has been doing them is still sick.  The horses are so excited for warmer weather that they are a bit excitable!  This morning I thought for sure I was going to get kicked a couple of times as they went tearing around the pasture!  But they stayed away from me.  Whew..  They are funny to watch though!

Oh, and we got great news today about Barney.  He has been off for about the last year or so with no ideas really why..  We had him tested last week when one of our experienced horse friends suggested it.  Sure enough, he has a bad case of something called EPM.   EPM stands for Equine Protozoal Myeloencephelitis, a rather intriguing disease that horses are exposed to and only about 2% actually get sick from it!  Those horses tend to be horses with immune system problems, which Barney tends to just because of his other issues.  Yes, he has several, but we love him and normally he is the sweetest baby!!

Here is a picture of Barney from last summer.
Here is a picture of Barney from last summer.

Its bad news that he has this disease, but the good news is that there is hope for him.  We weren’t sure what was wrong and we had been thinking that he would just be a crabby pasture pet for the rest of his life.  Which would have been really sad since you can tell he really wants a “job”.  He is one of those horses who just wants to please everyone, and since he hasn’t been feeling good he hasn’t been able to.

He will start treatment on Sunday, and unfortunately I will be gone for 2 weeks starting then.  Please be praying that all goes well for him as sometimes the treatment causes some problems as the protozoa start to die off.  Pray for Horse Daughter to be able to keep things under control for him.

The other thing we got done today was a good amount of cleaning done around the house.  It has been a long winter and the yard was a mess!!  Thanks so much for all your help guys!!  Someday I will have my own “gardener” who will do those chores for me.   I keep telling my hubby that I need my own “guy” to get all MY projects done!!  He just shakes his head at me…

With all these boys, you would think I would.  Unfortunately, only a couple will help for specific projects.  While I appreciate their help immensely, I would love to have someone who would just get the projects done without my pleading, redirecting, and bribing!!

I do love you boys!!

It felt so good to get some things done outside today!  I have been really bothered by that!!  I feel like it is ok to leave now.

What is it that makes you feel like you have accomplished something??  What gives you that satisfied, I got this done, feeling?




2 thoughts on “News From the Home Front

  1. What a beautiful horse. Hope the treatment works! I haven’t had that satisfied feeling in a long time…since I had twins ten months ago. Getting any one little thing done is an accomplishment, but there is always a pile of other things that aren’t getting done!


    1. Getting through the day sane and both kids alive IS an accomplishment!!!! For right now, keeping the house relatively clean, and the babies cared for is a big job.. and I have read your blog and seen your pictures!!! Don’t sell yourself short!!! Your accomplishing things!!! Just different and it’s ok!! Blessings! And thank you for reading and responding!!! Vicki


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