Off Topic

Gonna NEED a Vacation After this Week!!

How come everything seems to land on ONE week??!!

I knew this would be the week to start packing and preparing for vacation. I knew that the Horse Fair was this week.  I was ready for those things.

I didn’t plan for the elementary kids having “Lunch with a Loved one” this week Friday.  Of course that is the first day I had planned to be gone at the horse fair.

I didn’t plan to be picked to “get” to be chaperone for one elementary child’s field trip this week.

I didn’t realize the same child would have a concert this week.  No, I have not been keeping up with the school schedules lately!!!

I had no idea that the high school aged kid would be getting an academic award at school early Friday morning!

Add to that my own things I DID schedule for this week because I am really a Free-spirit, poor planner!!!

Its gonna be quite a week!!

But I will look good after my cut n color this afternoon!!!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!!!  frazzled_mom





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