Some Thoughts From the Garden!

I have been slowly working in the gardens.   I have so many big plans!!  Again.  whoops.  I said I wouldn’t do such a silly thing again as I am removing and replanting plants from the gardens at the old house.  Not everyone likes to pull weeds I guess.  Weird.

I have all sorts of ideas. My poor husband.. and boys….

I also have a garden project happening at our church so that should keep me occupied enough to leave my yard alone somewhat..

At the front of the house there is an area that nothing grows well in.  Its too shaded.  So I added some fun stuff and am just making it look prettier.  It will be really cool when it is completed.  At least in my head it looks great!!  I want to add more of my fabricated flowers yet, but couldn’t since most are still frozen in!! Also, I will add a nice colored mulch when I get to it.

The little girl "sculpture" in the middle, unfortunately didn't stay there long but she adds a nice touch don't you think??!!
The little girl “sculpture” in the middle, unfortunately didn’t stay there long but she adds a nice touch don’t you think??!!
The front of the house started..  It was a little blah....
The front of the house started.. It was a little blah….


The other day we got busy in another spot and removed the plants that needed to go as they were looking rather unkept.   We just planted grass in there now and left one rose that can climb up the house.  It will look nice I think.  But now I have a bunch of peony tubers that need to be replanted somewhere.  If you want any let me know.

Then in another area, I just cleaned up the rocks used to border it so its straighter and neater to mow around.  We removed a sick looking dead plant that I think was  a bush at one time, but last year just looked like a few dead sticks stuck in the ground that happened to have a couple of leaves on them.  Not sure what I will put there yet.

It is so exciting to watch the grass come alive again!  I know, its weird. I love watching things like that change and come alive again!  I even took a picture of the pasture greening up and starting to grow again!  I will add it if it ever loads!!

The pasture is greening up!!
The pasture is greening up!!

For me, there is something about a garden that brings me back to center.  Every time I am in the dirt crawling around getting dirt on my fingers, arms, and everywhere else, I feel it.  Its a weird thing I suppose, but its the same when I feel the wind in my face and hear the trees rustling from the same wind.

I truly believe that we all need some sort of connection with nature, if its just going out for a walk in the wind and the sunshine, or getting dirty in a garden plot,  there is something that reconnects us, re-ignites our passions for life.  Grounds us, if you will.  I guess I just can’t explain it any more than that.  I have sat here and thought about it for quite awhile, but I just cannot.

If you can, or if you have experienced what I am talking about, please post in the comments.  And then; Go play in the dirt!







2 thoughts on “Some Thoughts From the Garden!

  1. I know what you mean. I grew up in California, with nature at my fingertips. In Brooklyn it was much harder to get dirty, though nature was still all around! But now that I’ve moved to Pittsburgh I finally have a little garden plot and am beyond excited to try my hand.


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