Whew…We Made it!!

The 20 or so hour drive is over.

We made it!

It was actually not a bad drive!  They travel really well.  They did great!

I had a bag stuffed with stuff to do, new crayons, new markers and sketch pads.  Cards, games, books and stuff.  We only used some of it.

They made up games.  Rocked out to the old 80’s tunes and laughed at me singing old country music songs.  They watched outside, watched a movie on an ipod.

Only asked a few times, versions of “Are we there yet?”

a road trip funny!!
a road trip funny!!

Generally, entertained themselves.

We have come to a new place in our parenting.  I don’t know when it happened really.  It seems to have snuck up on me.

They are old enough to travel without being entertained.

They are old enough to be sent places in 2’s alone..

They are old enough to help carry huge amounts of luggage- and we travel fairly light.

They are old enough to need an extra hotel room because we can’t put 3 in a bed anymore.  Somehow, somewhere, they got too big!!!

Its bizarre.

This is a real vacation!!

Today, we are at an amazing hotel.  It is beautiful and huge!  We are going to check out the area and hit a grocery.  This afternoon, we want to spend at Magic Kingdom.

First, I really want a HUGE breakfast!  We haven’t eaten a real meal since yesterday afternoon.  We had decided to just snack and eat out one meal a day when traveling.  Well much of that food is gone now after 2 days of travel.  We all ate lots last night at 1030.  But now I want a real meal.  I also want to find a produce stand!  I am so excited for FRESH oranges and fruit!!!  Its been a really long winter!!!!

On our way down, we saw sign after sign for hot boiled peanuts.  We wondered what that was so we walked over to a store and asked to try them.  Yea.. Not fans.  They were kind of like canned peas.  Mushy.  We bought a bag of fried peanuts that were yummy!!  Unfortunately, half the bag ended up on the hotel floor.  Whoops.. I guess its better than the van floor.

Off on our adventures!!

Blessings on your day!!




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